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Hey Whats the purpose of taking location if youre not going to show a full fledged horoscope? Does it really serve any purpose?

Also itl be great if you can make an app for numerology.. That thing is simple maths combination and can be on similar lines.


dear vellatechie, as said, this is a starting template and one can use it as a shell to to create fully functional app. Some of the functions are added to help the user to facilitate his work. However thanks for suggestion abt numerology app regards..

How can edit sign names? ( Example: Aquarius) when i change on string.xml appear a error.

could you provide me some more information of your problem.. that is what you want to achieve..so that i could help you that way.. regards,

HI, Just purchased this app and i like it :) ! However I coudn’t find admob string to replace it with mine… can you tell me where it is? thanks

hi florimi,

just refer to lines 82 & 83

// code to display google ads change here your google publish Id adView = new AdView(this, AdSize.BANNER, “??????”);

change ?????? it with your admob id…

regards, Prof Nanda

HI, Thanks for reply, but can you tell me please at which file? checked main.xml, adview.xml and some others but couldn’t find that. Thanks

its there at src/com.nandroid.horoscopy/HoroDevActivity.java

regards, Prof Nanda


I would like to purchase this but require the full features as per the video.

As instructed in your description i’am requesting this, how will you deliver the full featured project?


so what’s the issue..could u send me some details ..as i am unable to 2 get ur query..



I would like to purchase this but require the full features as per the video.

As you instructed in your description i’am requesting the full featured app, how will you deliver the full featured project?


can I get the full featured version please, as per your comments in your item description. Please email me at clickmob (at) gmail (dot) com to save going back and fourth on here….

Can you send me demo apk file ? to vasanthaltimate@gmail.com

download working demo here…


note that prototype is available on codecanyon

So, Sir, please clarify: what is the difference between this “prototype” for sale and the full version? Perhaps u could post an APK of the prototype aswell. Waiting for your answer

full version has many advance features..see demo in the link at play store

Ok, but my question was absolutely not about that. I see what is on Google Play – but what is the difference between the prototype and the full version?

MeNandroid hello! I would like to know if you have how to translate into Portuguese of Brazil?

can be translated to Portuguese of Brazil..easily..if you have problems..contact via profile

Hi, the horoscope can be in other language ? Not menu etc .. the horoscope.

Thanks in advance.

questions.. 1. Languages i can change? 2. the diference in betwen propotype and Full? 3. where i can buy full version… 4. the dowloand file, is available to IOS and Android? 5. all Graphics is Free royalti? 6. we can put video? 7. we can add Google advertising or youtube?


How to change the admob code ?

Hi, Interesting app. Presale questions: Does this purchase the same as the one in the Playstore? What i need the most is Daily horoscope? Does this purchase have? If not can you sell me separately?


I am willing to pay 30 to 40 USD for modifications and full version

Hello, I can translate into French?

sorry for late, i was away, yes you can

Hi Sanjib

Just a quick question regarding the admob code. Do I use Ad unit ID: ca-app-pub-8314760461743229/3868177124 Or my publisher ID pub-8314760461743229



Ad unit ID: ca-app-pub-8314760461743229/3868177124

Got it, thanks

that;s okay

waiting for new update???

html5 version next month

It does admob interstitial, and whether that can be added?

hello…too many errors are coming in eclipse..

Description Resource Path Location Type The method getDrawable(int) from the type Resources is deprecated HoroDevActivity.java /HoroscopyV2/src/com/nandroid/horoscopy line 175 Java Problem

can you customize this to make users leave their email and translate in portuguese brazil if i hire you?