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Great bundle. Good luck with sales

Thank you.

All apps having admob ?

All Source codes have AdMob Banner and AdMob Interstitial Ads in side already integrated.
If you will need some correction about ,after how many Game Over you would like to see Interstitial Ads, just send us message and we will make it for you.
Also any other additional change let us now.

Thank you for checking our codes.

Can I have your skype I have some questions regarding the same.

We are not always on Skype, but you can contact us threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1 and we will respond to you, as soon as possible.

Nice Games! GLWS

Thank you for checking it.

startapp integration?

No StartApp Ads are not integrated in any if code.
From Advertising Networks that are integrated in codes are:
  • AdMob
  • Chartboost
  • AppLovin

Hi, All will get in Google play?

You can contact us any time, we wil be glad to assist you in any case. Contac us threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1 for any assistance.

Thanks. already bought. expecting good support to you.

Thank you for purchase. If you will need support contact us threw Profile page under Email Dulisa1. Soon comming updates of code.

Hi , after i import the game to eclips and run it with genymotion i get the message “unfortunatly, has stopped.” every game in the bundle give me this message .

Game is using a lot of RAM memory and will not work properly on simulators.> We recommend to try game on real device to see how is playing, try connect your device with Eclipse. You can find tutorial of it searching on Google how to make it.

thank you for the reply i will try this today !

You welcome. If you will need some assistance please send us request threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.

Hi, does the games supports android 7.0?

All of games support Android 7.0 with small edit in code.
We will be here to assist you.

You may have look at this 11 Android Bundle game https://codecanyon.net/item/halloween-super-bundle-sale-11-android-games/18556813