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Does external XML supports now? if when you are going to update it?

Its now work with external json

The lack of power key is inflicted errors.It will have to turn the phone off and staying for.

AAC does not support broadcasts.

It would be nice if a second error corrected application. I suggest you do the update. I do not even use the Current state.

Hello. I put this app on Google play store with admob integrated, but admob suspendet it because “layout encourages accidental clicks interstitial.” Please can you change the place when interstitial show and send me the code again. Regards.

we are contacting with you over email

You don’t answer to me over email. I’m waiting.


I would like to remove the search field, which fields should I remove? I use the version 1 think it is simple and good, but is it something that needs to be updated? What is the difference with versions 1.1 and 1.2? Is it possible to get the sourcecode for android studio, can you make?

Kind regards Gregory

Support? I asked another question further down, will see if i get any answer.

we still dont convert the app in android studio but we will do it .. and you will get the update . We only updated the normal 1.1 version with google new admob fullscreen ad placement guideline and rename it as version 1.4 .... version 1.2 which was json is still the same

Please Change…Your Intertitial Position..

I would purchase your APP…..... if you change it

hi .. we have get your email. please check your email

Are you done for update RADIO APP..?? and change intertitial positon..??

version 1.1 is updated with Admob Fullscreen Implementation Guide

Hello ,....Are You done..for update it..?

I Have a Project and need New Source Code

Please…Respond me….

Hi, What is updated? Which files should i raplace, thank you.

which version you uses earlier ? 1.1 or 1.2 ?

i use 1.1

we dont make any changes in version 1.1

Hello, supports wma? Do you have only the player SDK ?

Are you done for update RADIO APP..?? and change intertitial positon..?? I mean the json app pls let me know,

we still dont update in codecanyon .

Hey can you add in-app purchase option to remove ads? I am interested in buying this app

Hello … please email us your requirements

Hi. It does not support AAC or AAC+. What to do to play aac links.

HI, Can i remove the search field? And how, thank you

Do you want to remove the search from main screen ?


Hi. It does not support AAC or AAC+. What to do to play aac links.

The main problem is late loading. I recommend you to go to exoplayer

It does not play the aac links.

Beautiful and looks simple.

My client use http://mixlr.com/ for streaming services.

Doe your app support this type of URL: http://edge.mixlr.com/channel/tykmz I want to know before I buy this app.


hi … we don’t get your demo url .. can you please reply again with the right url ?

Hi, any update of this app? I got a lot of crashes now on newer phones

Update to Androis Studio?

how i can use Pakistani channels of radio or world wide channels of radio in this app?