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How does it work ? is it a book app, like can i add 1 pdf book and export it as android app ????

It is an Eclipse Android project, you first convert the pdf and publish the app in play store.

It is an eclipse project.

Eclipse or astudio !!


Admob banner and Intertitial Not Include ??

I Will Purchase, if Banner and Intertitial include in project….

This item is not intended to earn money from ads. If you want that, please have a look at my word search game, it has interstitial ads.

No admob.


Does it support links within the PDF to open in a browser window? And can the Eclipse project be easily converted to Android Studio?

It doesn’t support links. You can import Eclipse project into Android Studio easily.

Hello… you may have the option to search for words and localize in which pages are . Markers? index ? ... if possible and would be amazing this app

It doesn’t support this feature at the moment.

how to change file pdf?

First you should convert the pdf to bitmaps copy bitmaps and the pdf file itself to the app. That’s all.

this is manual convert or auto convert.?

I provide a gui tool with the app, you select the pdf and hit the convert button, The tool converts all pages for you.

I’m using your code. How can I avoid the curl effect while zooming? You pinch, the page starts to curl and then zoom… it seems that you changed the page and after some seconds you realize that you didn’t. It’s ugly.

With your fingers you have two options 1-curl 2-zoom. If you disable curling, it will also disable zooming. You should zoom with two fingers, curl with one finger.

You didn’t understand. Zoom is working, but when you zoom the “curl” effect starts at the same time. Is there a way to prevent “curl” effect during the pinch to zoom gesture?

There is only one way. You should add a menu item that disables/enables zooming or curl effect which ever you wish.

We attached pages for the book application Have admin panel where we are adding pages

You convert your PDF and copy files to assets folder, that’s all.

Hello, This is not working for me on my Tab, where I have the Flipbook app installed. The following is what I’ve done as per your instructions: 1. Downloaded the zip file from this site, extracted them into my laptop 2. Ran the “PDFConverter.jar” file on my laptop – specified the input PDF file, and the ouput directory. Generated the “file_0000x.jpg” files. 3. Connected to my Tab via bluetooth from my laptop, and copied the jpg files to the “assets/pages” folder. 4. However, when I run the app on my Tab, these pages do not load. It loads only the “Amazon” file that comes by default with the app. 5. I’ve tried this multiple times…; and finally raised the request for the refund, which you have declined. 6. I’d appreciate if you could help fix this problem…; or else, process my refund at the earliest.

You shouldn’t directly copy jpg files to your tablet. You should first open the project in eclipse. Clear the amazon files. Then copy your jpgs to assets/pages folder. After this compile the project and run it in your tablet. Please read the section “Publishing the app” in the help file.

Great.. Thanks !

Just listing a few steps here, which I hope should help the community: 1. Eclipse plugin for Android is not supported now…; so, use Android Studio instead. 2. Import the eclipse project (ie. Flipbook) into Android Studio 3. Replace the converted jpeg files in “Resources” and put the dimension of this image in the settings.xml 4. Compile and build !

Can i add admob to this code source or it’s Impossible ?

No I don’t think so.

I can’t import it to eclipse ?? why ?

You can send a private message.

I sended , I need help code is not work

Hi, After I importe the project in eclipse and Added the app support v7 and put the api to 23 ( android 6.0) This error happend : as you can see in the picture As I know it’s happend because android 6.0 has Update the color Method : The Resources.getColor(int id) method has been deprecated.

I’waiting for your reply

I find lots error in code how can i fix it ??? error .R !

PLz send me file code souce with v7 support that you work by it !

Hi, any possibility to do below? 1) All pages needs to be hard pages not curly pages 2) Book should have little padding from screen edges 3) Remove top menu and tittle bar, only the book nothing else not even arrows 4) Landscape only 5) Pinch to zoom feels little buggy, fixable? 6) Splash screen I can modify the code if you tell me what needs to be done. Wish all these are possible. Regards, Nuwan

These require custom work but unfortunately I don’t have time.

I’ve purchased source code from you, which is good, but I did not find the ads admob Please add ads admob

Is there video support to it? I would like 3gp or mp4 in flipbook. Is it possible?

Do u think can we edit t code n mack it possible. We loved t overall product. Is there any way.

If you think there is a good chance to edit t code n it will work for 5 to 7 sec video Instade of picture. It will solve our problem. I can try editing code hear.just need ur suggestion. I m not technical my friend is technical but we were looking for sorting like this only.

No, I don’t think so.

can you update this source code? can use android studio? how much use pdf from this app ?

What update do you want? You can import project into android studio. What do you mean by “how much use pdf from this app ?”

doesnt make sense if you dont earn from ads! Nice looking app though. :(

Sorry, what is?

I said app works online or offline

It works offline.


Nothing opens when i double click the PDF converter, i’ve installed and updated JAVA.

Please advice.

Your pdf file contains jpeg2000 image format which is a recent texhnology and not normally supported. Please follow the following instructions: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/install-jai-imageio-1-0-01-139659.html

Sorry you should’ve mentioned it on restrictions then..i’m not a technical guy, that’s why i purchased it.

I won’t be using it with all this additional stuff need installing.

Can you refund me pls.

You should ask envato for refund.