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Please send the demo to my email (tranvandai080193@gmail.com), I want to see it. Thanks

Thanks for your interest, I have sent you the sample, Regards

the login system is still not working

Hi Denboer, I didn’t get your comment

Where can I download a demo of your template? rodrigo.gloria@gmail.com

Hi sorry for being late I sent you the sample, thanks for your interest

Please send the demo to my email (ai.haya.alkhatib@gmail.com), I want to see it. Thanks

Sorry for the late reply, I went through tough month, any way I sent you a sample to your email, Regards

Hello, i just bought your source.. turns out that “realtabcontent” is missing in FlatDesignSample2

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our item, can you please drop me an email to send you full code for Android Studio (info@mokaplus.com), Regards

Hi! Can you plz send me the demo to my email (tstathopoulos@datum.com.gr),to have a look. Thanks

Hi, I’ve just bought the template. Could you please send the latest update and demo for Android Studio to xuuu98@gmail.com ? Thanks.

how can develop game like this https://goo.gl/aQPS3B Thank you

is android studio required for this …? or just drag and drop system ?

please send me demo app vahid.arr@gmail.com