Android Starter Template

Android Starter Template

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Android essentials contain set of pages on login, signup, list, grid and several others, so that users can create their design prototype quickly by using the designs provided in this app.

With the choices of different styles and designs on each pages, and with easily customisable code, you’ll have your design prototype ready in no time really!

Note : This Android Templates Mega Pack is not a webview or PSD file. This Pack contains real Android workable layout files, which you can directly implement in your next Android project with the help of Android Studio Tool.

This Android Essentials Contains

  1. 10 Login Page Templates
  2. 10 Signup Page Templates
  3. 10 ListView Page Templates
  4. 10 GridView Page Templates
  5. 10 Social Feed page Templates
  6. 10 Find Friends Page Templates
  7. 10 Side Menu Designs
  8. 5 About page Templates
  9. 5 Chat screen Templates
  10. 5 Onboarding page Templates
  11. 5 Settings page Templates
  12. 5 Splash Screen Templates
  13. 5 Empty Screen Templates


This Android Essentials is to help developers to save their precious time on designing the Android layouts.

There is no functionality like validation,fetching from API are implemented.

This Pack contains Android layout design files only.