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can i use it to indonesian language?

yes, sure. But you need to translate to Indonesian becase I do not translate this to Indonesian. Thanks!

Will u provide the free and pro version of app??

Yes, I provide them both, just change config file and everything ok.

Hello, can I get the admin panel? Because I want to add something for grammar content.. :)

Because the admin source is not complete so, I do not provide in the pakage, please contact me via skype trungstormsix and we will discuss about this.

Can I contact you via email? Because I seldom check my skype..

what do we get if we buy this app? Will all the content be included? How is it saved in the app? Can we modify the content ourselves? Thanks

you will get all the code (by android Studio), all data saved in sqlite for android, MySQL database, an admin panel to manage data from server (writing by PHP)

can you provide apk file or link on the stire to test the app ?

I’m having a problem with item support

http://prntscr.com/f7p8xr http://prntscr.com/f7p91s

Hello admin codecanyon, please read my message, why would I buy this app lose no support for me, and bad service to me, please refund my money, thank you.

I apologize mr xuan turns out the day of the week you are on holiday: D

And the problem is solved well, and your support is so great, thanks again mr xuan: D

Hello,I fixed your proplem!

Hello Mr Xuan I want to know if the app has a control panel or not. Because in one of the previous comments you have said that you provide the control panel with the app. Thank you.

Dear Mr Xuan

1. What is the difference between regular license and extended license? 2. Do we have to get the extended license to register on the Google PlayStore? 3. Do you have an IOS version connected to the same admin back-end with android?

Best Regards

Hello Mr Gulraiz, Nice to hear from you. 1. for regular license, you only can publish in 1 playstore account. For extended licence, you can publish the app in many playstore accounts 2. If you only publish in 1 playstore account, you do not need to buy extended lience 3. We are developing the IOS version, we will add it to this product soon. Thanks!