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I have a question, is this web based forms or native forms


It’s an android native forms.

this comes with very nice interface. i like it…

thank you :)

can i get Demo Applications link ?

There is an .apk file in the bin folder, you can install it in your phone. I can’t give you a link because it is not a web application, it’s an android application.

The data from entry where it goes? can be send in an web sql database?

The data from the entries is stocked in a List of Object. If you want to send your data to web sql database, you need to send our List of Object to a web service.

Is the extended license an open source project/license?

It depends how you want to use it .

can you send the data to an email address?

The result is a list of data , you can use it to do what ever you want.

no, this example does not send data to email address, but it is not to add this function in the code, if you want you cant contact me on my email for more detail…

Please refund—I downloaded this without realizing this was for native forms not for browser-based forms.

hi can it upload photo?

not yet, but I will add this feature in the next release.

Can it check format of input or check regular expression if this engine?

yes, but for now it checks the email and the phone.

can i get the data forwarded to my email? is there an instruction how to do it?

can it connect to a mysql database?

Hello Can the form include the geo location?


I don’t have a Paypal account! is there any other way to buy it ?

did you get around to adding the camera functionality?