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i dont get it how to use it? can explain more? or if there any example or sample?

If you want to add a contact form to your application, use this plugin. There is a ReadMe file in the plugin folder.

Hi, nice work. I love it. How to import into my project?

Thanks. Cheers.

There is a ReadMe file in the plugin folder, it contains all the details.

Is the server side email linking to PHP mail? or other mechanism?

I am purchaser of this contact form, I found I got error in compilation. Please check the your gmail, I had send you the related screen dump in compilation. please reply me as soon as possible.

My problem is solved. Thanks to developer ’s technical support.

Is it not need a server side script as PHP? Is it working with gmail server? Is able to apply jquery?

It is native Android Form, you don’t need a server side script, just configure your email address.

How to apply in html? fucking manual~ There is no javascript,html code. How to import contact form?

This is a native android contact form, there is no html and no javasacript, you can read the plugin description.

Not enjoying my experience of this product so far.

Firstly there’s an error that the ContactForm2 activity has leaked (caused by a dialog being removed after an activity – or so I’m told. Managed to remove that.

Then once that issue is fixed, there is a NoClassDefFoundError. Can you assist me on this?

E/AndroidRuntime(11014): Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.contactform.android.utils.Mail

E/AndroidRuntime(11014): at com.contactform.android.ContactForm2Activity$SendMailTask.doInBackground(ContactForm2Activity.java:213)


I would like to buy, however which design tool does one use? (e.g. Eclipse, Flash Builder)

I have a Titanium project for now, can you help me integrate this from into it ?

If so, I will buy it.

Hi, Does this purchase come with the XML of contact form?

I am a bit confused about the contacts form settings. I have set the sender (email used to send messages) as my own gmail address and password, and the receiver also as my own gmail address as I want to receive messages here.

Works fine on my own device but crashes on any other users.

Can u explain the settings?

Is it still available and does this work on latest version of android?

Hi I like your form UI and validation controls. However, it has some part of the code has been deprecated.

Would you have new syntax for this deprecated code please?


Hello, I would like to know if the apps sends the email in background or not. Thank you

can I add a field that attaches an image using a camera.