Android Firebase Chatting App with Voice Call, Video Call, Voice messages, Groups Chat| YooHoo

Android Firebase Chatting App with Voice Call, Video Call, Voice messages, Groups Chat| YooHoo

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Yoohoo is a real-time complete chatting app with groups and voice messages functionality. The user can send pictures, audio, video, contact detail, voice messages, a user can create groups as well. is being used for Voice and Video call feature. YooHoo is a chat app with a backend, chat app with emojis, chat app with groups, chat app with video call, chat app with voice messages. YooHoo can be used as a chat complete app, chatting app with voice call, firebase chat app, flat chat app, media sharing chat app, message app, messenger, real-time chat app, Telegram Clone, WhatsApp clone, etc.

App Features

  • Voice Call
  • Video Call
  • Voice Messages
  • Group feature
  • FireBase Real Time Chat Integration
  • Sent/Delivered Indication
  • Copy/Forward/Delete Messages
  • Status Updating Feature
  • Push Notification on new message
  • Beautiful Material Design
  • Sweet and Clean animations
  • Image Sharing
  • Audio Sharing
  • Contact Sharing
  • Document Sharing
  • Emoji Sharing
  • User Guide

Changelog & Update History

Version 6.5
08 july 2021

Update: Bug fixes

Version 6.4
11 January 2021

New: Turkish Language Added
New: Improved crash Analytics Reporting
Fix: Other Minor Bug fixes
Update: Documentation Updated 

Version 6.3
23 June 2020

New: German Language Added
New: Italian Language Added
New: Russian Language Added
New: Swedish Language Added
New: Uzbek Language Added
New: Hebrew Language Added
New: Dutch Language Added
New: Irish Language Added
New: Swedish Language Added
New: Norwegian Language Added
New: Thai Language Added

Version 6.2
4 May 2020

Fix: Android 11 Compatiblity

Version 6.1
28 April 2020

Fix: Android 10 Permission issue Fix
Fix: Group Notification issue Fix

Version 6.0
26 April 2020

New: French Language Added
New: Spanish Language Added
New: Indonesian Language Added.
New: Portuguese Language Added.
New: Arabic Language Added.
New: Onesignal use for notifications
New: Ability to delete Messages and Chats
New: Download manager in any network
New: User's name as in phone in notifications
New: Unread chat indicator added
New: Call logs UI update
New: Chat screen UI update
New: Overall UI improved
New: Notifications added on name update in group
New: Notifications added on status update in group
New: Notifications added on image update in group
New: Notifications added on member update in group

Update: Sinch permissions update - camera and phone
Update: Sinch version update - 3.12.8
Update: Translation strings improvements
Update: Realm DB Removed
Update: AndroidX adaptation
Update: Miscellaneous libraries updated
Update: Chat architecture improvements
Update: Background services removed
Update: File up-loader update
Update: Local broadcasts update
Update: SourceCompatibility Java V1.8
Update: TargetCompatibility Java V1.8
Update: Group chatting modal update
Update: Attachment sending flow improved
Update: Image compression 
Update: Unused code cleanup
Update: Firebase crashlytics adaptation
Update: Deprecated code update
Update: Chat user "Typing" improvements
Update: Chat user updates listener
Update: In Chat notifications for group updates
Update: Foreground services improvements
Update: SignIn flow UX fixes
Update: Group creation UX improved
Update: App sharing intent dynamics
Update: Group chat notifications improvement
Update: Gradle builder update
Update: Prepare media message while uploading and not yet sent
Update: User names as in contact
Update: InGroup notification's message improvements
Update: Chat updated fixes after group quit
Update: Messages click handling bug fix
Update: Upload and send service improvements
Update: Unread icon improvements
Update: Call history refresh fixup
Update: Other Bug fixes
Update: Crash fixes
Update: Unused imports and resources cleaup

Version 5.3
10th November 2018

New: Spanish Language Added

Version 5.2
5th November 2018

Fix: Crash fix on group Deletion
Fix: Could Not Find Play Services Basement AAR
Fix: Minor Bug Fixes

Version 5.1
28th October 2018

New: Portuguese  Langage Added
New: Arabic Langage Added
New: Document update

Version 5.0
8th October 2018

Fix: Performance improvements
New: RTL support
New: French Langage Added
New: Document update
New: Code refactoring for easy installation
New: Empty placeholder
New: Inevitable Contacts Listing
New: Edit profile separate view
Fix: UI fixes
Fix: Group IDs fix
Fix: Call Log Reflection Improved
Fix: User Updates Improved
Fix: Context Unavailable Fix

Version 4.1
3rd September 2018

Fix: Video/Voice calling Bug Fix.

Version 4.0
14 August 2018

New: Voice Call Integration
New: Video Call Integration
New: Design Changes as per new features
Fix: Bug Fixes and performace improvements.

Version 3.5
27 July 2018

Fix: Bug Fixes and performace improvements.  

Version 3.4
23 July 2018

Fix: Project Dependencies updated. 

Version 3.3
15 March 2018

Fix: Code Improvements
Fix: IllegalStateException and Null pointer fixes
Fix: Auth bug fixes - null users
Fix: "Logging in" improvements and changes
Fix: Further null pointer exceptions handled

Version 3.2
10 February 2018

Fix: Emoji Size Fixes
New: Vibrate on voice recording start stop

Version 3.1
3 February 2018

Fix: Voice Messages Playback improvements.
Fix: Other Bug Fixes.

Version 3.0
2 February 2018

New: Voice Messages Included.
Fix: Emoji bug fixes

Version 2.6
30 January 2018

New: Emojis Included

Version 2.5
11 January 2018

New: Custom Chrome tab support

Version 2.4
8 January 2018

Fix: Multiple Notification on group deletion

Version 2.3
7 January 2018

Fix: Broadcast Receivers Optimisation
New: Android Oreo notifications support
New: Upload and send to background process
Fix: Chat service improvements

Version 2.2
1 Januray 2018

Fix: Showing names as in phone catching and improvements
Fix: Removing group members and related notifications
Fix: Accent color changes
Fix: Notification icon support for post lolipop devices
Fix: Marking messages read improvements

Version 2.1
31 December 2017

Fix: Chat Actiity mofications
Fix: Modifying service to support group creation, chat and related notifications
New: Added Profile Screen

Version 2.0
30 December 2017

New: Group Chat Integration
Fix: Background service start/restart improvements
New: Base UI Completion related to group chat

Version 1.2
28 December 2017

Fix: Filtering my users improvements (number matching)
Fix: Avoiding incomplete and null users
Fix: Some Null pointers fixes

Version 1.1
21 December 2017

Fix: Camera Fixes
Fix: Chat Activity crash fixes
Fix: Notification click fixes
Fix: Notification icon support for post lolipop devices
Fix: Marking messages read improvements