Discussion on Android Chatting App Video/voice calls with Firebase | Sinch

Discussion on Android Chatting App Video/voice calls with Firebase | Sinch

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Hello I noticed that your demo app kept crashing each time the ads loaded and contacts are not loading.

I don’t know if this is a general issue but i do hope if i face a major issue you will be able to assist me fix it?

I LOVE the UI/UX design that is why i paid for it

Your app was using SDK 28.0.0 which is no longer recommended by android studio. I am facing a lot of issues trying to upgrade to the latest version. One of the errors can be seen below.

I wish to Know if you have a workaround this issue? I will like the app to use sdk version 33 instead.

ERROR AGPBI: {kind ‘android.registerTransform’ is obsolete.\nIt will be removed in version 8.0 of the Android Gradle plugin.\nThe Transform API is removed to improve build performance. Projects that use the\nTransform API force the Android Gradle plugin to use a less optimized flow for the\nbuild that can result in large regressions in build times. It’s also difficult to\nuse the Transform API and combine it with other Gradle features; the replacement\nAPIs aim to make it easier to extend the build without introducing performance or\ncorrectness issues.\n\nThere is no single replacement for the Transform API—there are new, targeted\nAPIs for each use case. All the replacement APIs are in the\n`androidComponents {}` block.\n\nThe Transform API uses incremental APIs deprecated since Gradle 7.5. Please add\n`android.experimental.legacyTransform.forceNonIncremental=true` to\n`` to fix this issue. Note that this will run transforms\nnon-incrementally and may have a build performance impact.\nFor more information, see\nTo determine what is calling android.registerTransform, use -Pandroid.debug.obsoleteApi=true on the command line to display more information.”,sources{}]}

Also i am getting this error. Please Check your mail

Task :app:kaptGenerateStubsReleaseKotlin e: Daemon compilation failed: Could not connect to Kotlin compile daemon java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not connect to Kotlin compile daemon at org.jetbrains.kotlin.compilerRunner.GradleKotlinCompilerWork.compileWithDaemon(GradleKotlinCompilerWork.kt:204) at org.jetbrains.kotlin.compilerRunner.GradleKotlinCompilerWork.compileWithDaemonOrFallbackImpl(GradleKotlinCompilerWork.kt:161) at at org.jetbrains.kotlin.compilerRunner.GradleCompilerRunnerWithWorkers$GradleKotlinCompilerWorkAction.execute(GradleCompilerRunnerWithWorkers.kt:76)

I have mailed to you the number of issues i noticed while trying to use the full functionality of the app.

Please check your mail and fix them. Even though the update you sent has solved the primary issue i raised the other day, i am still unable to use the app efficiently.

Also i tried signing up using Samsung A10 (Android 12) but it didn’t go through. I don’t know if its storage issue or something else but no matter what i did’ the signup/signin process didn’t go through.

Also i will like to request for a new feature: Add a feature whereby a user can contact members of the team, in other words when a user logs in, he or she should see by default pinned chat profiles of support team, clicking on any team profile should take them to the dm whereby their concerns can be addressed and solved. This same feature should be added to the group section.

What i am trying to accomplish is this, by default, A support group and team profile should be created and added into the app. This profile and group will serve as a means to resolve user concerns within the app.

I don’t know if that will be possible but if it is then it will be a great feature for this app especially for me as that is one of the reason why i paid for the source code in the first place.

Once more thanks in advance :)


natsu2 Purchased

Can you explain to me the details of this app


natsu2 Purchased

What can this application do

demo link not working

Now its working.

ok.also is it working on android 11 or higher with sdk 30?

can you plz give some discount i want to purchase.

whats the target sdk version?


We can customised for you.Lets connect at

Those guys got on of the best reaponding and reliable team, personaly they helped me solve some issues till the end without hesitate

Thanks for valuable feedback.

How much is reskin.

please connect here

I want to bay this app My whatapp number 01782121284

Hi ping me at +91 8860767651

Can you add Voice and Video calls support Bluetooth devices . I want to buy

okay, we’ll upgrade the module soon.

Add block unblock features and make app smoothly like features . I want to buy

We’ll release next upgrade in jan.we’ll consider your suggestion. Thanks

demo for admin panel ?

There is no admin panel. You can manage with firebase account

Document already there with source code

hi, will this work with the latest version of gradle and android kotlin libraries?

Document already there with source code

Is there OTP phone verification integrated, I dont see it in the description.

Firebase OTP already integrated

has web version

No, We are working on this release in next update

hello brother Please can you contact me on WhatsApp. +966503591730

Congratulations, Good luck with sales! :)

Firebase Limited

great app , can you make like whatsapp gold ?

please give me email or skype

please check inbox

Nice work, congrats. Good luck for sale

Thanks for appreciation


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