Android Calendar

Android Calendar

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Android Calendar is beautiful calendar native android app with beautiful Interface, for Demo APK click on button

Android Calendar - 1


✓ Beautiful widgets

✓ Notes Syncs with multiple devices

✓ Simple & Clear Interface

✓ Add personal holiday, festival or vacation

✓ Includes festivals, bank, school and national holidays

✓ Time of Sunrise and sunset

✓ Chogadiya with timing

✓ Rashi & Holidays list 2018

✓ Notes Syncs with google calendar

✓ Holiday | Weekends Groups for holiday planning

How it will help?

Android calendar code will help you to make sport events calendar, employee attendance calendar, country wise holiday calendar, holiday planner, local language calendar, cricket match schedule etc..

for more idea or understanding you can visit this on play store

1 . Gujarati Calendar Android Calendar - 2

How to use it?

Android calendar with the smart look and feel with the added benefit of user interaction to find more details about a specific date.

Click on next/prev icon or swipe on the top blue panel OR holiday list for next/prev month

How code exactly work?

You have to modify database file only! means if you want a calendar with your native language just replace that data to the database and your app is ready!

You Will Get:

• Full Android source code

• Full Document of project that explain step by step process.

We will provide basic project setup process service but if you need additional help then that service will be chargeable.

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