Discussion on Android Auto Posting News with News API

Discussion on Android Auto Posting News with News API

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After waiting so long I did not see any update for your defected app so I decided to delete it forever and LOST THE TO MONEY PAID TO BUY AND DEVELOP THE APP. MY RECOMENDATION IS NEVER BUY FROM THIS DEVELOPER on this or at any other platform.

Hello I am interested in purchasing this app Is there support in case you encounter a problem setting up the application?

the user can’t login, “unable connection to server”

hi, just want to know if the app has been updated?

Also let me know with the same app name how it is possible to upload on google play store? Is there any option to change the app name as well?

Can i schedule push notification with timer? Can i get user country selection to direct send or schedule to send notification because there are different promotional ads based on country.

can iadd hindi local news like distric wise

When I try to enter the demo with gmail, it says server error

For signin with google please download app from google play. Demo version can’t accept sign in.

Hello, - If i don’t want use news api, then can i news manually? Like blog apps! And thanks a lot sir

Hi, you can’t do it. This app works automatically for getting news.

boa noite, a senha do admin nao esta ok, poderia me informar pra ver? outra coisa, posso colocar outras categorias? a api fica no meu server ne?

Hi, Can you please update about new version release date?

Hi, any update about the new version?

more than 50 mails sent to you about the bugs. 1. Here is another bug if we add any news link manually it is showing

etc before the news 2. On main page older news are also showing on top in featured news, it looks like app is not updating new news. 3. On main page News title is not long enough to attract reader, it is showing less than half. 4. Now a new bug, only science and technology news are showing, other not. If a subscriber unsubscribe the science and technology news it is still showing and other news stopped. 5. The app is consuming too much CPU usage. There are many other bugs I sent you, waiting for the update. I hope you will release update soon, until then I stopped the promotion. I will change the review and rating as soon I receive the new improved version. By that time I’ll continue sending bugs information. And kindly do not stop replies, at least acknowledge receipt of my mails. All the very best.

1. As an author at Codecanyon, you were not allowed to buy a regular license to sell. 2. Ask for a refund. 3. You have too many needs that are not related to this application. You want others to do everything for you. And yes, you are not entitled to sell this application based on the purchased license.

Hey you, I am not selling it to anyone. I am happy to ask for refund, will you refund the amount I paid to a developer to develop the app and to upload on my app store? I have no extra needs, I just asked to rectify the bugs, the rest others are suggestions to improve the app so that subscribers are attracted and you could sell more. I am not asking you to do everything me I am just asking to rectify the bugs, I have my developer to do job for me. I asked you for reskin and was ready to pay for that but I gave it to my developer so you are upset, I am sorry dear its my choice to decide who will do my job, you can’t force me. Who said I am selling the app, I have created it for myself. Don’t fool people by blaming me. I sent you more than 60 mails, you stopped responding and finally I posted my comment here and you responded quickly. If anyone want to proof of my mails I can share, I was supporting you because your app is new and you will rectify the bugs, instead you are blaming me, shame on you. You should learn how to respond customers. I am sorry I don’t need refund from you, keep it as tip. I will make sure I will come back here again and share the bugs so that you rectify before selling to others and don’t fool others. I am buying products here for more than 3 years now, none behaved like you. Once again all the very best.

I am not an author and I am not selling the product to anyone I bought it for myself, complaint in this regard have been made to the Codecanyon. Link of app is also shared with the Codecanyon. Let them decide who is right and who is wrong. I still appreciate your hard work and suggest you to accept the complaints and suggestions to improve your product. Have a great day.

Can you add google news api in native language?

I can add for additional charges. It’s paid API. Or you can send your knowing APIs. I will check it.

provide your email pls

It’s a good application, I like it but you need to improve it, I can understand it’s new so improvement is needed. But I like it.

Is the api completely free? or do we need to buy some plans afterwards when users increases?

Hello, api is free for 1000 requests in month. Every month you will get 1000 requests for getting news. 1 request have from 1 to 10 news.

Can you add reward point for user reading the news and integrate applovin ads network

Hello, we can’t do this. Only we will add Facebook Audience Network in next version.

which api is needed for rapid api?

See documentation, information provided.

how to setup cron job in hostinger panel?

All cronjobs have same commands. Find crontab in your hosting and set jobs as showed in documentation.

Will you add more countryes?

It’s possible, but you need add news manually. For available countries news getting automatically from news api.

Can the news api get news from Nigeria

Email sent

Ok, check your email. I replied to you.

Make this with RSS Feed, User can ad edit or delete categories from admin panel

Hi, rss feed will available in other our app:

1. how many news it publishes per day ? 2. what are all the source website it fetches the news ? 3. how often the news is added ? 4. is admob integrated ?

1. Depends on the setting you set. 2. All news will getting from Microsoft Bing News 3. Depends on the setting you set. 4. Yes, banner, native and interstitial ads is integrated.


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