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this app plays music from urls?

no, thank :)

Can I use the amendment to the application program Android studio? Reskin

Sorry I do not have a PayPal account

Hi I need to Built-in music player with music files in “raw folder” ((The sound is running inside the existing files in a “folder raw” When you open an application )) * Not run music files saved within the device’s memory Thank

Hello , can i change the music player background ? if can i will buy the code.

and the admob show interstitial or banner ?

yes, you can, admob show banner :)

how this project convert into android studio

hm, ok i can send your the android studio ver

where is the link for android studio

are you can import it, sorry because i travelling

is it eclipse code?

hi if i purchase can you reskin and place admob unit…and give me finised apk i know its not free

just to chnage the looks (image , colors etc)

doest it play wma file?

yes it can :)

hi sir, i like your code and i am ready to buy, but i need you to make it read mp3 from raw or asset folder i want to put my own music in the code and when the user open it will listen to my music not the music stored in his device.

yess, this version like this on codecanyon version just different is play raw folder

Hi Where can i buy this version and how much it cost?

just contact me via skype Lrandom92

hi can i use it with deezer and spotify?

Ah sorry, it not suport