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Data base with in app ?

No, there is no db in this app, all contents can be changed in files.

Data base with in app ?

There is no database in this App, All contents are static, Its a offline app. For changing any contents you can follow these steps:

For Images You can change from here:

TravelTheme\app\src\main\res\drawable (folder name):

For State and Cities:

TravelTheme\app\src\main\java\com\viva\traveltheme\Utility\PlaceUtiltiy.java (File name)

so, all things can change with xml?(html) ... right?

ok so I purchased. the notes says there is a “Share” . I only see share on the “Recycler” page and clicking on it does nothing. Phone is S6. Please advise

Dear User, Greetings!

Thanks for purchasing our product. Actually our technical team is on OFF due to Sunday, so on Monday morning (our time) they will reply you for sure. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Regards, Team Vivacity

Dear User, Greetings!

We have checked the issue you reported, this was developed as a template, so there is no Share feature developed in it. We will be adding this share and more nice features soon to improve this template.

Regards, Team Vivacity

You say in description “Social Sharing: Every list item having a share option to share that with popular social platform like FaceBook,Twitter & Google+. ” I can not see this on any items. Please advise

I find the “Universal” page a bit strange. The first time you visit things are in order. However if you refresh the page, the following occurs: some items go missing, the order of items changes, some items get duplicates. Please advise

Yes if you refresh the page, we are showing random numbers of items, because we have static data in array list so sometimes it showing duplicate records. But when User will get data from Web API”s that time list refresh with new items.

I don’t understand 

Surely array should have same data not duplicate?! 

Where is code that shows number of random items / to ensure not duplicate

I want to use static data from XML file 

I don’t understand why you would show duplicate 

Please follow below steps:

1. Go to Travel Theme -> View -> Home Fragment.java file.

2. And Replace from (mListView.setAdapter(mAdapter)) to mAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged() at line no 104.

3. Delete duplicate item (listItem.add(new ListItem(“Kolkata”, R.drawable.kolkata))) at line number 136.

Can i get your skype id?

please send your details at: support@vivacityinfotech.net there concern person will share Skype ID also.

This only theme? 18 dollar no is app?

Yes sir, its a template with some dummy data in it, you can use it as a base code for a new APP. By using this code you can build your own APP. It can be installed as APP, you can change data in it and can develop your APP.

Please let us know more if you need any kind of customization. Thanks!

hey fiends a buy your code sources but i have one probleme this “Re-download dependencies and sync project(requires network)”

Hello Sir,

Please follow these steps:

1. Please change your “distributions/gradle-3.3-all” with any other appropriate SDK version.

2. Please update your project build gradle with “classpath ‘com.android.tools.build:gradle:2.3.0’”.

I hope it will help you to resolve your issue.


i have problem building the code..it says gradle sync problem. i already change the classpath and distributions. but still i could build it.

do u have any plan to update this app?