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Hi, I like to buy this app but if you add these simple options and resolve the current issues the application have.

Features needed to Add:

Admob , Google Push notification to single users and all users, Landing page (Android Splash Screen) with logo, Image auto slider with popup on listing item details page, Package Upgrade using Indian free or paid payment gateway (for this single module I will pay you extra amount)

Problem Found in the APP:

1. Home Slider : This was not working in the Android app, as there was two or more sliders active in the admin but it was not showing in the android application.

2. Always asking for to enable GPS to get near by items, it was so irritating. The best way to show it as an icon next to category detail page which shows the category name in the header bar. If the app user click on icon then the dialog box appear to ask enable GPS to get near by listing. It was an easy task for you and take more than 10 to 20 min to make changes as above

3. image slider: In the list item detail page there was only one image and if we click on that image no action was coming.

4. Phone number & Email: No action was working when we click on phone number or email. If some one click on phone number the number automatically copy to dial pad, If he click on email address the default email manager or option to choose email app window need to popup.

5. Review : 1. When click on Review in the listing detail page the list will appear but when scroll down the application was stopping automatically the error message appear. 2. while adding review If you enter three or four line comment it was not working it will give you an toast message “Please add comment”

6. Chat : It was not working correctly, when we enter an message it was not showing as conversation. Check all

7. Map: When adding an listing or viewing an listing the map was not working fine. If you are adding an listing there was no option to change the marker to another area bcz it only support the street address only. Give the user the ability to move the marker as his wish..

8. Product in the detail page: what was this all about I haven’t seen any option for users to add product or products related to the listing. If you can enable this option like the user can add product images to the listing while he posting the add

8. My Business: App user can view the list of business added by him but not able to view it as how it will be look while listed in the category,

9. Add Business : 1. The user need to have the ability to move the marker in the google map as his wish 2. The user can add more than 4 images to an single add, these images will be slide over in the details page header.

10. Package Upgrade: Only paypal was there no other payment gateway, some time the package listing was not showing please check it

11. Search : In the same page also it was asking to enable the gps these message is only need to show if the user click on the search around option

12. No option to Exit: There was no option to exit or close the app with out logout or other. If you can add an action below the logout that will be good

13. Application was closing automatically some time..

After 5days No reply then how will we buy this app.. Looking for your reply

Dear Author we are waiting for your reply.. As your initiative is a good one if you give support that will also help you to sell more. May be you where busy but if spare a little time to answer or resolve the bug I have added in first comment it will also help you to sell more. So be an good Author and pls reply at least..

Hello, Before I buy, I have some questions, please check. - Can I customize with Android Studio? - It would have like me to use only for teacher register, separated by type of material, ex. Mathematics, English? - Is it easy to translate the app into Brazilian Portuguese? - Has step by step manual to configure the App and PHP? - Do you have support from your company? Thank you,

yes send me mail

Dear author, I tried talking to u on skype.. till now no response.. r u looking for sales n for new customers or this app has also come to an end… Please share ur view b4 taking any decision..

As Navasnas said.. those were the bugs that needed immediate attention..

After changing the path in Now Application / config / config.php why it was going to http://localhost:90/ic_listing/index.php?/index.html.var ..? not able to access the admin panel now you have to respond because we bought it. It was too different in the tutorial document provided by the php page have the path like $config[‘base_url’] = ‘http://localhost:90/ic_listing/'; and in your document it was showing http://localhost/ic_listing/ So respond immediately

give me team viewer

Already given you the access and the things I have reported was not resolved yet

I noticed that you released another product from the same segment but did not update it, this application is full of problems and you never updated. I want my money back because this code is not good for anything!

update release in next month.

have any whatsup number

please contact through email : jayeshkotadiya1990@gmail.com

Am interested in purchasing this app but I want to know if u can add bidding to products

yes but customization charges required. Thanks

Please how much I need it. Email me steve4tams@gmail.com

Work this app?

yes working fine please check demo app. Thanks

whats price para customer, website php?

sorry i could not understand. Thanks

If the application needed some help, please enable it ? Help

yes please add me in skype : jayeshkotadiya1990

hi, please help the application is only showing a welcome screen after installation, i checked with your demo app it is also showing a welcome screen only.. please do the needful

Help ? I sent an e-mail