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Does this play nice with logins? I wouldn’t want it to cache an area where a user was logged in, and the next user sees a cache of something like “Welcome back Bob!” or bobs profile instead of their own.

Would this be a problem if I’m new to php, and could only follow the instructions given, to get this script to work?

Hello, This application works on as many pages as you enter your cheatcode include , I believe that the Cache , We will not respond to any request from the hour that has not pass code include in page.

Have you got a speed comparison demonstration? Whats the difference between using your class instead of .htaccess to cache?

sorry .htaccess to cache ONLY delete file to .dr , The anchorCache® Boost Page Load.

Mmm, I read the description and its seems to way too much steps just for a cache, even other cache scripts that’s over 4 years old have only 2 steps, that’s just to upload files and put the include function on pages, done. I think you need to recode this.

Hello , If you have watched the demo will you saw that there are many functions where equalized the proper functioning of Server.

OK fix Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]:

but function:fopen please contact your hosting provider fix it

thank you!

ok fix it send you mail. thank you!

Very good made my much faster site delivers what it promises, congratulations for the support service, Thanks for the help.

Same error camargoander, help please

Is not compatible with php7 ?

Hello please send me access your FTP. thank you!

Attention! From the new version is likely to remove the database to prevent you encounter various problems. We are trying to reduce rates the installation steps of our implementation.

I bought this item, I am now having problem to upload it to my server. Can you help??

yes send me email your personal information website and ftp access.

Same issue as the above mentioned You can email me here for FTP access etc Thanks!

Replied to your email!

No response from you in email, did you get it?

web app install your server its OK thank you!

What is the new update ” [new] Utils Module” ? I had to reset my server a week ago due to bad hoster , I am considering re-adding but not sure if worth it or not , let me know :)

Hello, thanks for the comment’s. The first versions work with database of user entry, but because She was very heavy the application at the request of customers should have done a lot of convenience to the install and with few steps. You shoulder to do with a simple command in the file .htaccess .

The .htaccess Code AuthType Basic AuthName “restricted area” AuthUserFile /home/davidwalsh/html/protect-me-dir/.htpasswd require valid-user

The .htpasswd Code davidwalsh:daWHfZrDLB88. rodstewart:roFulYxC2.8ws cssexpert:csmnmq.M8T5ho

News: next version 3.0 support module security folder anchorCache

.htaccess. A .htpasswd Authentication Module

+ page anchorCache.php Recoding fast cache 200X


v3.0 (22.07.2016) Beta Testing New Version Soon! ========== [new] Multi Language Pack [new] New Theme [new] .htaccess A .htpasswd Authentication Generator [new] DDoS Attack Modulator [updated] Core Modules [updated] Recoding anchorCache.php [bugs] Debug PHP 5.6.23

Tried installing it again today but it doesn’t work The /anchorCache/ directory just keeps loading , the page never finishes , it’s just got a spinning black circle / sidebar

The console also has this error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected string : script.js:8

Can you help?

Hello please send me personal mail more info and screen page error. Thanks

Hi , what is your email I can reach you at?

anchorCache® Repositories

Notice: From here you can download the packages languages, in case of a new language to import repositories.

I’m having problem installing the plugin, the zip file in the download is not installing

Hi, I’m having problem installing the plugin, this is the message I get

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.

Any information on installing the plugin

ok please unzip and manual upload your FTP example : http://domain/anchorCache next add php include code for your site main root page ( index.php or index.tpl wp page theme footer.php . include /setup folder

please check your email. can’t get this to work.

Your problem has been restored now operates the implementing rules !

is all done?

Hi, yes your problem install app , has been restored now . app its OK run your domain now.

Nice price! GLWS

Thank You!

Support for anchorCache® Caching Class

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contact email

I followed all the installation steps but it did not work

Hello, i sent you mail. thanks


Very fast service, the app is already working 100% very good