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Great work, its nice! :)

awesome plugin!! I belive its going to save me lots of precious time when developing.

I hope you find it useful. ;)

Nice one! Good luck with the sales!

I’ll not lie, i’m friends with he Author, so i had access to a copy of the plugin and it saved me a lot of repeated javascript lines, that i was too lazy to put together into a plugin, since he already done, why not enjoy? btw, it’s really well done, documentated, and configurable, you that is reading this comment, should try it :)

i’ve just purchased it, and my earlier thought was right. I hoped that it would save me some precious time, and it is really nailing it!

it keeps failing to install. help!

Please send me an email at explaining the problem you are having, i will answer it helping you as soon as possible.

If possible, send me the html and js files.

Sorry about the inconvenient. I’m developing the wordpress plugin version, as soon as it is ready i’ll post it to CodeCanyon and you’ll receive a free copy, after all, the jQuery version din’t help you.

thank you so much!

im thinking about buying this plugin but i have a question first. Is it possible to create several anchor pages ie one for every page i want it on or is it only possible to create one?

Yes, you can. Simply just create different calls to the plugin. Example:
Or something like
<a href="" class="anchorpage" data-anchor="..">Link</a>

I’m sure this works fine, but I can’t seem to find an “assets” folder in my WP directory. Do I need to create one or can I put this somewhere else (and if so, where)?

This is not the wordpress version of the plugin (which is not published yet, will be soon), but you can use it normally, calling the plugin manually. This goes on Wordpress Theming and Coding, you may find some info in here . Or, if you wish to wait, i’ll be releasing the Wordpress version soon enough. If i can be of any help besides this, let me know.

Best Regards, Francis G.

Ah, I probably should have checked that it was for WP or not first. Well if you can give me a very basic example of how to call it within my posts and where to place the files, I can take it from there.

Search for the header.php file, usually found in wp-content/themes/{your_theme}/header.php Edit the header.php including the following line
<script src="<?php echo get_bloginfo('template_url'); ?>/js/jquery.anchorpage.js"></script>
Grab the plugin and paste into your theme JS folder, the path must be wp-content/themes/{your_theme}/js/

Done that you can usually follow the documentation that comes with the plugin.

If you need, please contact me by email, I will help you better if possible.

Please could you help me with an example? I’m not able to make it work! I tried viewing your code but you protected :( thanks

I forgot to explain something. The attribute date-anchor, always leads to the element with ID equal to it.
<a href="#" data-anchor="example-01">Example 1</a>
<div id="example-01" />
You can also enter an integer value
<a href="#" data-anchor="0">Go to Top</a>

Hi, I would be grateful if you can make an example, do not need documenting. Just so I understand, the anchors that I created has no effect :( Thank you for your attention

To set an effect just make calls telling what effect would use
$("#example").anchorpage({easing: 'easeOutBounce'});
Or to set an effect for each link
<a href="#" data-anchor="example-01" data-anchor-easing="easeOutBounce">Example 1</a>
<a href="#" data-anchor="example-02" data-anchor-easing="easeOutElastic">Example 2</a>

If you need, please contact me by email, I will help you better if possible. :)

This would be great with a bit of documentation. Could you do a simple HTML page so that we can easily implement it?

The Anchorpage works with anchor links, example..

//this link scrolls the page to an element that has the id 'about'
<a href="about" data-anchor="about">About</a>

<section id="about">

Here, as you implement the Anchorpage (Documentation)

Following the menu structure from the documentation

<ul class="nav navbar-nav">
<li class="active"><a href="home" data-anchor="home">Home</a></li>
<li><a href="about" data-anchor="about">About</a></li>
<li><a href="services" data-anchor="services">Services</a></li>
<li><a href="contact" data-anchor="contact">Contact</a></li>

//basic html structure
<section id="home">
<section id="about">
<section id="services">
<section id="contact">

Hope this solves your problems. If you have any more questions, have a look at the source code of the demo page, can come to help.

Thank you Francis for your great support on the javascript for our new website. You did a fantastic job helping us customizing the script for our specific needs. Your response times (often within 15 minutes) are superb: even on Saturday and Sunday.

Obrigado …. You rock!

It is I who thank you for your patience.

Ele funciona com menu horizontal do Bootstrap?

Tudo ok, vlw.

Bacana, qualquer coisa é só avisar que ajudo no que for possível! ;)

Hi Francis

Thank you very much for your great support and consideration !! Anchor page has been successfully installed on my web site by your kindness help and Install support.

And, I really appreciated receiving from your detailed explanation. So, I well understand the function of anchor page.

You have a great skill and considerate. So, If I need the another custom plugin, I will be sure to request to you.

Thanks ! You are Best !!!

Thanks for your comment Kim. If you need help with the plugin, just say me.

Thank you for your purchase.