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Hey there, Could this plugin be used in an offline environment? ie – does it need any external/web calls (like google analytics) to work?

Hi – remote calls are required to get statistics for Facebook and Twitter. Other data like posts, categories or authors comes from database used by the Wordpress instance.

Also some external scripts/styles are delivered from cdn servers (like http://bootstrapcdn.com), but this can be easily changed (by downloading these files and changing paths to local ones).

Wow this plugin has not been supported/update for more than a year. Just lost a sale


Thanks for your comment. Plugin wasn’t upgraded indeed (it just still works well), after initial release only minor changes were applied in terms of better compatibility with older PHP versions or when FB changed API. However I can’t agree it’s not supported – each comment and mail from client is answered, usually within a few hours.

Hello do you have a documentation how to setup the app on Facebook so I can use it on the plugin.

Hi, Documentation is included in the package with plugin, check “documentation” folder. There is a part “C) Configuration”, where you can find the process of FB App setup described:

Facebook requires registering an application in their developers platform. You can use App ID and App Secret from one of your existing Facebook apps or create a new one. In order to add new app, visit this URL and click “Skip and Create App ID” button. In new popup, please provide just the name of the app and its category. When app is created, you’ll be able to check its ID and Secret parameters.

Here is the Facebook URL mentioned above: https://developers.facebook.com/quickstarts/?platform=web

What are the main differences between this and your other social analytic plugin? Are they solely separate or do they go hand in hand?

Thanks for your comment.

Analytics Dashboard displays overall statistics of your blog and social media profiles (number of fans on Facebook, number of followers on TT or Instagram).

WP Social Analytics is focused only on social media and only on posts/pages. It shows how many times your post has been shared on FB, Twitter and other social media networks.

Be sure to check demos of both plugins, it should make it much more clear then.

Plugins are being sold separately.

Hi, interesting plugin. Read the comments and it seems you have not implemented good features people have mentioned to you. One of them is Multiple accounts. We could not use this because we have more that 1 twitter, etc. If you add a feature that has multiple accounts and a way you can separately group them with a option for a different report email for each group, we would immediately buy this. Let us know your thoughts. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for your comment. Will think about adding support for multiple social media accounts.

Hi There,
pre purchase questions:
1. User Role Functionality is enables I guess? I went to demo > author > the stats change if I click on random authors. Just wanted to know, if the same functionality can be implemented for all user roles?
2. No matter where I click – always shows 5 categories, 5 authors. Is that it? If I have 100 authors, 1K categories?


Thanks for your questions. Here are the answers:

1) User roles doesn’t matter for “Top authors” statistics. Plugin checks posts published during selected period and then its authors – so it works with all user roles.

2) These widgets are “Top categories” and “Top authors”. So they will always display most popular records (8 categories with most posts and 5 authors with most posts)


Can I see how many visitors and if possible adsense ad clicks each author has driven? What I mean by this is basically count the visitors that came to the website with a filter of author.

Example: There are 2 authors: Mark and Chris. Chris has wrote 3 articles and driven overall 3500 visitors to the website and Mark has wrote 2 articles and each had 2000 visitors. So will this plugin tell me the number of visitors came / generated from the author? Also, will I be able to get an idea about the adsense clicks?

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately this plugin doesn’t track such a statistic. It can be achieved by combining Google Analytics data (from API) with WP authors, but this is out of scope of the plugin.

Hope you’ll find another solution which will help you in this situation.

Pre-purchase Question: Can this data (stats) be placed on any page or can it only be displayed on the wordpress dashboard page? Thanks in advanced.


Data can be displayed only in Dashboard within WP-Admin area.

please fix demo Error establishing a database connection


It’s working again now: http://avothemes.com/analytics/

Can I show stats for multiple instagram accounts?

Unfortunately no – it supports one account per each social media platform.


ayron Purchased

Hi, Works with taxonomies and custom post type? Thanks

Hi, yes – statistics are generic for all posts.


ayron Purchased

Only admin can see statistics?

Dashboard is visible to everyone with “publish_posts” capability, while plugin settings are available to users with “manage_options” permission.

It can be changed in the plugin’s code if needed to another capabilities.


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Very good. You are fast. Me too. I’m your client now. :)

Thanks! ;-) Have a nice use of the plugin!

multiple accounts so multi-users can log in and see their stats!

Hi There, for some reason my Twitter has never display data. All other widgets are working. Is there anything I can do to try to make it sync?


1) Please be sure that you’re using the latest version of the plugin (1.0.4)

2) Have you configured Twitter API details in Settings screen?

This is a beautiful plugin.. Can you develop this as SAAS? To be a script?


Thanks for kind words. Unfortunately don’t have such a plan right now. Probably would need to sell about 1000 plugin’s copies first to start thinking about it…

Anyway, this could be applied to the front end for certain user roles? I want my vendors to be able to use this :)

Hi, there is no way to display data on front-end. It’s deeply integrated with wp-admin area.

Hello, Does your plugin still working? and is it possible to . analityse hastag social media, example twitter hastag ..? and location

Hi! Yes, plugin is still working. There were already a couple of updates when external services changed their APIs. Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t analyze hashtags or locations.