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You have a gray overlay on STYLE 1 / WOOCOMMERCE / CIRCLE / PARALLAX / ZOOM IN and when you hover over the image, the overlay moves up. Where are the settings for this?


snotky Purchased

The web page can not be displayed, try to turn off the CSS will be to see, but the location is not right. support ticket is#946962 Thanks for your help,please

is this mobile ready? touch slide also?

Is this going to work with WP 4.7 in visual composer?


Since updating to 4.7 the slider is no longer available in the elements list to add to a page. Please advise.


HI dessibob, please download the latest version of AMY Slider

This doesn’t work properly anymore, existing slideshows that were perfect are now mashed and out of proportion, since 4.7 update. Caught in the unfortunate loop of buggy-but-not-supported-anymore-so-tough-luck loop.

Do NOT buy this. It DOES NOT WORK with visual composer anymore. There is no support, its been over a week since I put in my refund request. Purchased 11/27, sent multiple requests for support end of November, heard nothing back, refund request 12/08, nada. DO NOT BUY THIS.

Hi aofa, i’m sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please provide me with your ticket ID here and i’ll send you the latest version. There was a compatibility issue with the latest version of WP which is fixed and the update is currently queued for review. This version of AMY Slider is tested with latest version of WP and VC. About your refund request I have never receive such thing form you at envato refund system.

Good morning.

Although we have bought the plugin long ago, it is now when we have installed it for a project.

From your sample page I copied this image clipping:

Two doubts come to me in this image:

1º.- How do you put the rounded corners? 2º.- How do you delete the navigation arrows?

To make it a bit similar, I created a row with two columns, and then inside each column I created another row. It’s okay? Or is there another way to do it?

Thank you very much


ihueb Purchased

hello, i put in place amy slider correctly but i don’t know how to configure the butons shop and price with eatch slider image, thank you for your help

is it possible to hide the navigation arrows after sliding the last slide? Or at least hide the arrows until you hover over the slider?

tried to submit a ticket but i get this…”Sorry, that purchase code is for a different Envato product.”

Pre-sale question. Does this slider support images of different sizes, for example will it show portrait and landscape images in the same slider without cropping them? Will it center the images? And will it still be responsive?

Please into ticket #1121284, Categories on Amy Setting are not working

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing today but could you answer this question first please?

In this demo :

On the middle example, under : STYLE 1 / BLOG / CUBE / PARALLAX / SHADOW / BORDER RADIUS

Is it possible to show two post slides side-by side instead of just the one? And scroll to the next two and so on?


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kemsei Purchased


Your plugin doesn’t seem to be compatible with Firefox 45.6.0 (ESR). Nothing displays. Are you aware of that issue?


First bought Stack Slider, is not working, then bought Amy Slider, also not working. Also after I got support it is not working. I want to get refund. It took me to much time. Best regards. Daniel

any solutions? thanks for helping…

Hello. Also “Responsive under” is not working as it should with the gallery. So, what can we do? Money back oder fix? but it should realy work than as descriped in the video and elsewhere. all options and stuff. both is ok for me. and as i said its not so important for me to use “Gallery”. The other content would bemore interesting for me.

Please check your ticket

Best regards, Andrey @ CrayThemes

The UI is very good of this plugin. I recommend you upgrade the plugin and remove the deprecated functions of WooCommerce & WordPress which the plugin is still using and shows only when wp_debug is ON.

I have the theme impreza. The slider is not displayed in the desktop verion. When I make the browser window smaller, the slider appears. What is the problem here that the slider does not appear on a large window?

The VC Lightbox does not work, even if I turn this on additionally

Amy Slider for VC not working anymore on my site. The element changed (by itself!) to a text block. I have opened a ticket (ID 1253901) almost 2 weeks ago now… Not a word from your support team. I then sent a reminder in the ticketing system but still not a word. At the moment I can’t use Amy Slider for VC at all. This is really not the way to support paying customers.

Hi, I’ve installed the Amy Slider and configured the style 6. I am a bit confused, that it does not match with the preview in your demo. Is there an update available, that I didn’t see? I have version 2.1 installed. Also the mobile Version does not work a shown in your demo. I want to use the grid-style, but if I choose that option, it has no effect. Can you please help me? Best Juliane