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Any chance of an online demo? :)

I’m actually working on it, sorry for the inconvenience!

Demo please!

You can now access the demo!

You can now access the demo!

this is just advice, i see you have a 4 year badge but this seems to be your first product. If you have any control over it in the future, you probably never want to release an item without either an Online Demo of the item itself or at the very least a video showing the item being used. Your early release of this item, with no demo will simply fill this page up with people, you guessed it, Asking for a demo. This now takes time away from you as you are most likely to reply to these comments. Its just a bad way to go from the start. So, again, this is just advice. Demos, Demos, Demos….like in real estate, Location, Location, Location ;)

i dont understand the demo? where is the music? is there no preview?

Added a demo track, I forgot it. Today I’ll add other albums/tracks/pages for demonstration. I disabled every action in dashboard because yesterday I saw that users uploads some really weird things

Good luck with this man…good luck

Hi is it using any framework? If not can you do it in laravel?

Hi, I’m using a custom framework with 2 third party packages (whoops for error handling and twig for template rendering). I prefeer to not use prebuilt frameworks because they include tons of packages that sometimes are useless for what I need. In this case I had the time to write a custom framework. Sorry!

mp3 upload and subfolder problem :/

Hi, have you got any error trying to upload mp3 tracks? Give me more specifications please. Also please, if you can, give me your server specs. Contact me preferibly via email, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Demo or more Screenshots?

Great! Congrats!