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for Customer Support

It is a great plugin written by an enthusiastic team that also offers quality support.

for Customer Support

I chose Customer Support, because the very helpful and dedicated support made me to write a review.
But I am also very satisfied with the design and usability front end as back end. This plugin gives me all the setting options I was looking for and still looks simple/sleek and is very easy to handle for my customers
I am using Amelia to offer online booking for personal coaching sessions.

for Design Quality

I was comparing the many existing plugins for a client who required a booking platform when Amelia was featured in Envato's newsletter and it was exactly what i was looking for: beautiful design, the back-end is very easy to use and it supports Woocommerce. The team behind the plugin is also very quick to reply and very helpful. I wish them all the best and I'm sure Amelia will soon become the reference for Wordpress bookings

for Customer Support

The customer support is simply amazing, no scheduling/billing plugin is exactly what a client needs but this one is top notch and I'm very happy I purchased it. It has great flexibility, looks better than anything else out there, simple to integrate to PayPal, Google Calendar, etc.

for Flexibility

First of all I am really glad that someone took the initiative to bring a fresh complete booking plugin to the market! It was needed.

Although the plugin is new, it has a huge range of features and the developers are enthusiastic and with the drive to take it further. They are actively seeking for feedback and they are bringing new features constantly.

We are going to use this for booking services at the clients space through contracts and this plugin has already 90% of the features of other big plugins at a fraction of the cost.

I am giving it 5 stars not only because I want it to succeed, but also because it is worth it and because I can see the future potential.


for Feature Availability

An invaluable tool for industries that depend on appointment booking.

for Design Quality

Great design and function. The tech support is fast and very helpful.

for Customer Support

The app has all necessary features and functionality needed to make appointments but without all the setup headaches you find with some of the other plugins. The tech support was great and responded in a very timely way. I do have some wishlist features like user definable fields, multilanguage capability and additional styling options that would give it a six-star rating.

for Customer Support

Amelia is a great plugin for anyone who runs a business and wants to have a simple, yet effective booking system.

The quality of the design looks great, and many of the customers who have recently used the new booking system absolutely love it.

When setting up this plugin, I had a number of issues which were down to my lack of understanding however, the customer support for this plugin is outstanding. I received fast support, and even had someone come onto a Team Viewer session with me to help fully setup the calendar, they resolved my issues instantly.

Finally - the backed for the plugin is great. There's a calendar that's easy to use, and the way you can create and categorise the different services you offer is a great feature.

Overall I love this plugin, and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a good and modern booking solution. This will save you both money and time!

for Code Quality

Excellent plugin, fast and intuitive doing perfectly the job intended.

Knowing their wpDataTables plugin, I could be nothing else than totally satisfied and confident in purchasing Amelia.

Keep raising quality guys, you definitely stand out ! Congrats

for Customer Support

Excellent Customer Service even with all the silly questions we asked the response was prompt and very effective. They looked into all the issues that were conflicting on the site and sorted them out so everything runs smoothly. The plugin itself is very flexible and we love it!

for Design Quality

Great product, met them at WordCamp Europe 2018, it was perfect, I needed something very premium looking and functional for a client of mine and Amelia is almost almost perfect, except a few functionalities that are easy solvable with some css + database and a functionality that my client is able to wait on: sync with google maps. These are confirmed to be fixed/added in later versions, and that's not an issue for me.

Of course, the css I've added through the theme.
And I had to import all the services, the plugin doesn't have that option (yet), but the tables in the database are very clean and easy, and I managed to import them there without any issues through a .csv file ☺️

TL:DR I recommend this as one of the best booking plugins I've ever seen from both design and code perspective.

Great job guys!

for Design Quality

Very beautiful plugin!
Very good & fast support!
I can't wait for the new features of the plugin! I hope they will come soon!

for Design Quality

We’ve bought Amelia for a website of a small barbershop we develop right now. We were a bit hesitant as with new products you never know, but it looked so compelling we decided to give it a try.

We were honestly impressed both with features and the smooth feel of the interface. While looking simple on the outside, it has more useful functionalities than we could potentially imagine or need right now. It allowed us to organize shifts and individual breaks and days off for each barber and customize haircut price. Design of the dashboard is at the level we didn’t see in WordPress before.

We had an issue with added haircut types not showing on front-end which support resolved within a day.

We hope to see google calendar Integration soon, as that is what our client wanted.

SMS notifications would be a useful but not critical addition as well. Customers like this level of automation.

We can recommend this tool, as for us it does the job pretty good.


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