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for Customer Support

The support team can solve any issue. They are very smart!!
They react very fast.

for Customer Support

Great design plugin. I was getting worried that Customer Support is not responsive enough, as I had some issues with the settings, however, this was due to the fact that the support is not available over the weekend.

I have to say, on Monday all my problems were promptly sorted.

Thank you!

for Customer Support

Very useful plugin for my personal training business and TERRIFIC customer support: I am 100% satisfied!

for Design Quality

We've used most of the booking systems and this by far our favourite. The feel and functionality of this booking system is great! We are just looking forward to more features which it needs to be the best.

for Bugs

Reasons: bugs

From: Company ITC Manager

Progress has been made, but bugs remain.

This plugin has potential, but some functions are still in the test phase. Customer support has been at first slower than the speed we are used to with ThemeCo, CloudWays, and others, it has improved.

PLUGIN INSTALL & CONFIG: Our team likes the functions, & how design adapts, but installation and configuration are complicated. We need to have too many conversations with support.

TIME CONSUMING: Purchase in November, now start of January, it’s just beginning to work. Installation & configuration met bugs and generated conversations with the support team.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Slow at first, with improvements thanks to discussions with only one developper. Advice: keep all issues listed into one single private post (for SEO) and list them by order of priority. Our advice: prepare more than 2 months ahead.

for Customer Support

I look a long time for a simple, easy to use, cheap and good-looking booking plugin. Amelia is the best plugin I found. It fulfils all the criteria I was looking for. Better quality / price ratio of the market. In addition, the technical support is amazing : the team is super responsive, friendly, and very professional.
I recommend !!

for Customer Support

So not only is this plugin AMAZING, the support for it is top notch and I'm extremely happy with the team!

for Customer Support

Great plugin. For me two way google calendar syncronization is really was important and it works very well. You can charge your services if you like. Also if you work as a team your team members' calendars synchronize separately.
I needed help several times and support was really good and helpful.

for Customer Support

Best customer support ever. All problems fixed in one day. New features added every month.

for Customer Support

Very nice plugin, great support. The 2-way synch with Google Calendar is a really nice feature.

for Feature Availability

Gran producto, tiene muchas de las funcionalidades que no encontraba en otros plugins de este tipo.

El soporte muy bueno y rápido! Gracias!!

for Customer Support

Great plugin! With a lot of nice features.
If you have any problem, customer support is happy to help.

for Code Quality

It's a great pleasure to work with your products!!

for Customer Support

Amazing support. I am not tech savvy and they stepped me through it very clearly which made it quite easy.

Thank you so much!

for Customer Support

Very happy customer!!!

In the span of a week I have had numerous, extremely positive conversations with the support staff at Amelia. They are very responsive and very helpful, something that is hard to find in wordpress plug-in developers.

I am very impressed with the product. It is very easy to set up with clear instructions for each step/section of the process.

Amelia has more features than some of their competitors at a much more reasonable price. You do not have to pay for each individual add-on, its a full package. They are even very actively updating the plug-in with new features. There is a forum where you can suggest features and vote of which ones you want to see added.

I can't say enough positive comments about my experience with this product and its support staff. I used their competitor's booking form and after 2 weeks of extreme frustration at the lack of service and the challenges to get it functioning properly I requested a refund.

If you are looking for a booking form for your wordpress site I would highly suggest chosing Amelia.

for Customer Support

I’ve switched to Amelia from other booking plugin and this plugin doesn’t disappoint me. Sleek and elegant design, all features work perfectly and I’m sure they are still working on more features to come as they have a feature suggestion page that you can vote on features you want.

Not to mention that their customer support is amazing. They answer you really quickly and actually help you resolve any issues. They even offered me customised code to fit my needs.

Highly recommended!

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