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ho can i change the position of button ?

thanks in advance


You need to open project in Construct 2 to easy visually edit the buttons or contact me via my profile page and I will send you edited version.

Hello Can i use it ! in android game


You can use on any mobile device with HTML5 support. If you have Amazon App Store you can download the game to your phone or tablet:

There is a native Android port available for sale:

hi, is that include with admob?


Nope. It doesn’t includes AdMob. You have to repacked as Android application on you own. You will get exported HTML5 game and Construct 2 project file with this game.

You can get Android version with AdMob banner and interstitial ads ( on resuming game)

Why not work with Chrome? from home, which I have to do?

Chrome doesn’t like localhost webapps due security reasons so better use Firefox for offline previewing game.

Hi , I want to reskin it with new character and add Admob ads banner and fullscreen ads . Please send me email me reskinning cost . I dont have construct 2 software . My email :

Ahoy. The native Android version is coming in a few days with AdMob ads.

Hi there, I’ve purchased the app, but it has a bug, how to fix it? When you first select a hair and after that you select a second hair and after that you select again the first hair, the girl has no hair and she should have the hair selected. Same thing happens with the other items aswell. Here’s the bug ->

Thanks for reporting the bug. I will send you the fixed version tomorrow. There is no quick fix as all items need to updated.

hello did y can customise this game, by changing files (character, clothes, backgrounds) by my own ??

Yes, you can replace game graphics in the images folder,but if you want to add “More Games” button or change other buttons position you will need a Construct 2.

Hi, is there an Xcode project?


Nope just the Eclipse and Pascal code. Game engine does support iOS,but I don’t have Mac to port this game.

I am interested in purchasing but have no idea how I would port this o my mac to use in Xcode, any suggestions?

Sorry… haven’t seen that we are talking about HTML5 version. There is a Intel XDK tool for porting HTML5 games to iOS. The game native resolution is 800×480 size so it may not look so good on Retina display.

I don’t know is there any easy way to convert HTML5 games into Xcode projects.


Could you please list down the technologies, libraries used The installers needed for modifying the code. Any limitations with respect to browsers.

The loading of the “Live Preview” is taking a while, May i know the reason. Did you test the loading if the number of images are increased to 3-4 times.



You only need a Construct 2 software with Personal license to edit the game in visual editor. Older Android versions might not support sound. A WebGL enabled browser is recommended for the best performance.

The “Live Preview” is about 6Mb of size so it might take a longer to load of slow connections. Make sure you disabled AdBlock and also you can try different browser.

Hi, can we use it without changing graphics? if not, can you give the link for graphic assets? Thanks.


Yes you can use it with original graphics and music. You can easily embed the game into your games portal or build Android game using Intel XDK.

Hi i upload to host and i set MIME type on this host. But show black screen always.


You can try to delete “offline.appcache” file and make sure you are exporting for HTML5 website in Construct 2. Contact me via profile page and I will send you exported game from latest Construct 2 version.

Hi, I uploaded to server and show black screen. visit

Export the game using Construct 2 or reach me via profile page so I can give you exported game.

Can the picture on the end have a button to share to social media?

I am not if there is third party plugin for such feature. There was a plugin for Construct to share screenshot using Facebook and Twitter

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing the game, but would like to be able to have players first select 1 of 4 characters, then dress up their selected character from wardrobe sets designed for their character choice. I have all of my graphics (characters and wardrobe sets) ready to go. I was just wondering if this is difficult to do using Construct 2 and your code. Could you include instructions on how to do it? Thanks for your help.


You can reuse the code for multiple characters and have them in different scenes with different game logic sheets and object families.

You will have to design the item positions and set the correct layers.

Hi, lovershorizon: Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’ll give your instructions a shot and see what I come up with. I really appreciate your help!


If you need assistance on reskinning you can reach via email apps (at)