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Can you help me intergrated startapp smart banner below screen ?

You are welcome.

can you help me intergrated Mopub banner+Revmob interstrial ? I will give you 20 USD

Sure. I will reach you by email for more details on this.

excuse me , i want to change the size or the position of the girl or the clothes in the home screen , which file or code to edit it thanks

Nope there is no protection. The Pascal code is compiled into libs\armeabi\libameliadressup.so so if you changed the output filename in Lazarus project settings you need to update Java code:
zengl = new ZenGL( this, "ameliadressup", appSourceDir );
For reskining you don’t need to change the Target filename and you can leave default: https://app.box.com/files/0/f/1229398513/1/f_42975654093
your link doesn’t work and sorry for my many questions http://oi64.tinypic.com/2zjdvrq.jpg i changed the position and the size and nothing happened again ?! :( i don’t know what to do i cleaned genymotion cash and clean the project , is there any other way to edit it ? i need to change the position and the size of the items onlyy sorry again

Here is the correct link https://app.box.com/s/cuwx6jasskjqlalh7s1l327klj8eaoz1 . Email me your modified project and I will take a look if there is some changes that conflicts.

apps (at) lovershorizon.com

documentations plz

how much iam intrested

how to change contact us more apps link?

This game doesn’t have “Contact” or “More Apps” buttons. Do you want to add these into the game?

Please send the documentation

Error not working. I changed package name app appSourceDir. not work :(

You need to change the package name in AndroidManifest.xml too

I changed package name in AndroidManifest.xml. Not work amelia. you add me skype: foxfire_1

error while compile Proguard returned with error code 1

changing the graphic ..still showing old graphic

After replacing graphics you need to do clean build to update assets.


whats news? in new upsdate

Changed described in “Readme.txt”. Update removes bug with ProGuard, AdMob library is added in a correct and there is extra assets for reskining like main menu screen PSD file.

Can you tell me, what platform you use ?

Eclipse + Lazarus IDE if you are wondering what tools are used to make this game. Code can be edited on all platforms MacOS,Linux and Windows.

Hello, sorry my english I bought your product, but how do I move a piece of clothing in the scene (eg, shoe, shirt or pants)? I have new sprites and precise position items so that they properly fit the doll. I can edit the positioning of the doll in lazarus> GameScenes> ssprite2d_Draw

But how do I edit the placement of items (clothing, footwear and accessories) through the scenario? how to move the images (eg Golden.png, BlackSuite.png and Flower.png) freely in the scenario? I tried the code in the Lazarus but not found can you help me?


Yes the girl is positioned in GameScenes.pas and other items are in categories Amelia_Dress.pas , Amelia_Shoes… Each object has own X and Y positions in OnOnit procedure.

Make sure you have the correct setup to compile in Lazarus.

Can I use this on AndroidStudio? If not how can I setup Eclipse for android?

Main game code editing for changing item positions requires Lazarus IDE. You can use Android Studio for final packaging and ads code. Documentation included.

Hi,thanks for this amazing game. i saw that interstitial ads displayed after the app started and this not allowed by admob terms. please is it possible to show interstitial ads after click a button like the camera or refresh icon.


Those ads are displayed only on resuming the game. There is no easy way to show ads using game buttons via Pascal code.

thanks for the update but after finishing there is still 1 error !! Compile Project, OS: linux, CPU: arm, Target: D:\net\android\games\codecanyon-12606190-amelia-dressup-mobile-new\AmeliaDress-Up\libs\armeabi\libameliadressup.so: Exit code 1, Errors: 1 Fatal: Can’t find unit system used by AmeliaDressUp

You need to extract the FPC4Android package into Lazarus IDE\FPC \2.6.*\ directory.

Units must include arm-linux folder from FPC4Android package.

i had an isso with admop i add it in application and i was add google play servese but when i extract app and test it in mobile it work without ad

no admob don’t work yet

Send me your compiled APK and I will test it. Upload it to Box , DropBox or Google Drive.

Testing device must have Google Play Services installed so ads may not work on basic Android emulator. BlueStacks may help if you are using virtual devices for testing.

i sent it to you

hi can i add more Dress or background to the game? and if i want to change the girl and the Dress and the background can i ? thanks


Yes you will need to edit Pascal in Lazarus IDE code and yes reskining is easy.

I will give you $20 if you can modify code. 1. Amelia.png size 247×456 2.graphic size all items folder is 247×456 3.start game show admob interstitial 4.playing game show admob banner


cssrtl Purchased

your game is crashed and not work plz i need help or i need refund


cssrtl Purchased

your game is crashed and not work plz i need help or i need refund

I will reach you via email for quick fix.

does this work with android studio?

CodeTyphon IDE is bigger in size,but includes required game engine and Android compiler. With Lazarus IDE there is a few extra steps. You will also need a Android NDK to make a native Android library from Pascal language source code.

I assume I have the NDK with Android Studio?

It’s optional and can be downloaded by clicking SDK Manager button in Android Studio. You need older version of NDK and you will find a link in documentation.

documentation plz… & the project is editable in android studio or not?

Here is the docs : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnAy-dNjmrxahhsYPhTCd8a0kuJf and project can be imported into Android Studio,but full reskin requires Lazarus IDE with Android NDK.

do you have the android studio version?

You can easily import it into Android Studio and also Android Studio should update AdMob library for you.