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potential buyer : does your plugin have option to add shipping price of domestic shipping to the actual price ? example : product price is 10$ and have 4$ shipping cost . is there a feature to add to shipping cost to the whole price or just to show that this product have additional shipping cost?

Hello! The plugin imports products to WooCommerce. You can set shipping settings in WooCommerce. Thank you!

Thanx for replying , but i think you didnt get my question right. I am asking if the plugin can get if the product is free shipping in Amazon or not. And does the weight imported is the shipping weight or not.

Hello! 1) API Amazon doesn’t allow filter products by free shipping 2) The plugin imports weight of products. Thank you!

Potential buyres : i checked your plugins and it have the wegiht import feature and markup price that other plugins doesnt offer and that is cool, my question if i import the items from amazon using other method and get the same ASIN of product ; will your plugin update the price and weight using the scheduling feature?

Hello! The plugin updates only price/stock (availability). Thank you!

Pre sale question: Hello, i have question: I know that Dropshipping lets my customers buy products on my store right, but what about the price? If i can’t be able to change prices on my website (due to the synchronisation process with amazon) how can i win money if i must buy the product then on amazon with the same price?

Thank you

Hello! You can use price rules: Thank you!


I bought and installed this great plugin. Also set all needed api settings. For amazon germany I got the error:

I created also new amazon partner account and got verified again. My first idea was that I was banned from automatic scraping of amazon products.

this problem is longer than 4 days. is there any bug or can amazon germany api be down for couple of days????

Hello! Please, send the request for support to, we will check it. Thank you!

Hello, just purchased Amazon WooImporter script , but when I try to install it as Wordpress plugin, keep receiving following notification : ” Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.”

What more plugins this script require?


Please, send the request for support, we will check it. Thank you!

Ok, solved it. (Extracted only WooImporter folder, and now works well ).Thank you!

Your demo is not working for amazon import.

[400] Bad Request AWS.InvalidAssociateYour AKIAJBDBUQHTT6NRF5AQ is not registered as an Amazon Associate. Please register as an associate at

Please, check demo. Thank you!

Please could you remove some AWS products as you are being limited and I am unable to test the plugin properly.

[503] Service Unavailable RequestThrottledAWS Access Key ID: XXXX. You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate.7d0832bb-df1d-4b82-a6f6-88e39322097a

Many users use by default API Amazon at once, so the message returns by API Amazon. You should wait a bit and try again, or use own API Amazon/Associate Tag filling settings here: Thank you!

Hi, I have been using this plugin for a while and wanted to know if it’s possible to place the Amazon Feature Description in the Woo-commerce Short Description Field. Currently you have two css classes – feature and product_description which is being put on the Woo-Commerce Full Description Box. How do i split that so that the Feature class is showing on the Short Description and the Product Description on the Full Description Box


Would you be able to do it in the next update as it will help with any theme and view

Or can you at least show me where to modify it, appreciate the help – thanks

Hello! We will put such feature on the list for consideration. Thank you for review.

Hi. As a potential buyer who dropships products have following questions: When I import products from Amazon to my own online store, by WooImporter plugin, then:

1- If a customer make an order from my online store, will that customer be redirected to Amazon website page, or all order and checkout process will be done inside my store?

2- Also, can I edit product images by the plugin before importing to my website? 3- Since I dropship, can I ask the supplier to write my ddress on the parcels when delivering to my customer?


1. The plugin can import two type product to WooCommerce: simple product (with add-ons – variable products) and External/Affiliate Product. Please, view the documentation about type products in WooCommerce:

2. You can edit images in WooCommerce after importing products.

3. Yes, you can ask your supplier.

Thank you!

Thank you very much.

Hi. I purchased your plugin. Now for setting up API keys, I want to use your prepared key that initially set in the setting but I can not find it in the plugin. Please guide me how to find your prepared key? Thank you

Hello! Please, view the screenshot: Thank you!


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We are unable to import Amazon Australia products. There is no option to choose “au” as amazon store in your plugin’s location option. How can we import from Austra Amazon? Please help!

Hello! Amazon Associate Tag doesn’t support Australia products. Please, look at documentation Amazon: Thank you!

Hi there, pre purchase question, does this app supports Amazon Mexico?

Hello! Yes, support, but you should get own API, Associate Tag and fill in settings here: Please, look at documentation - how to get API Amazon: how to get Associate Tag Amazon:

Thank you!


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I would like to know if it’s possible to import product from ?

Thanks for your reply,

Best regards,

Hello! Yes, support, but you should get own API, Associate Tag and fill in settings here: Please, look at documentation - how to get API Amazon: how to get Associate Tag Amazon:

Thank you!