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product from does import but product does not show in shop page. please help

Please, send the request to and more detail, example, your web-site, screenshots. Thank you!

I am wondering if this plugin support variations updates or not!, if not how this plugin worth 19 USD, and the variation plugin worth 25 USD!! , If I know that I wouldn’t buy this plugin, there are another plugins that including variations!

We did not include the variations in WooImporter, because this functional is not necessary for all. And if we would include the variations to WooImporter, then its cost would be higher. So we give users, including you, the right to buy WooImporter without the variations and keep quite cheap cost for it , but if you need some add-on, you can buy it anyway. Thank you!

Hi, are you sure the stock auto update works? I just tried to list an item thats out of stock but it says there are 8 in stock. Thanks

Please, send the request to We check it. Thank you!

Has some configuration that allows only import the products, and do the checkout directly on the web, I do not want to checkout in amanzon. You do not need to sell and collect affiliate products, just import products available in amazon to use as your own.

Is it necessary to change the api and use my own Ap

Recommend to use own API

Supports WP multi sites? = Wordpres Multisite Installed

One license for one site.

All products are displayed in the store frontend. but Would there be a way to import a tag, a custom field, or a category that divides them by each country?

You can manually create category and get products to the category by country.

Thank you!

Thanks for your excellent support, the plugin is very good.

I leave one more question, is there a way to import the name of the seller to list by sellers?

You can use CSV WooImporter for export and import product ID, ASIN. Thank you!

I check demo and see that Imports Variation Images doesn’t work.

Sorry, but built-in API Amazon is overloaded, please, try again later. Thank you!

i want the number of product list to be optional… like 10 / 20 /50 /100 list to make it

so that i can select the number of products as per my use

Please, send the request to and describe in more detail. Thank you!

When will “prime only” items be able to be imported?

In the next year. Thank you!

I was all excited but your front-end demo isn’t working :(

Please, check again. Thank you!

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Does csv plugin import variations? How do you get product ids for amazon, aliexpress, ebay without having to do it manually? Do you have a plugin for grabbing product ids in bulk?

Hello, your variation question is about Amazon?


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Amazon API & Product images issues, ticket created: Ticket #272535

Hello, we sent an answer to you. Please check the ticket. Thanks.


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I am wondering if this can be used with your other plugins like the ebay plugin at the same time? I read the documentation and it says to replace the folder but wouldnt that just essentially remove one to activate another?

Also, can I increase the results per page to be greater than 10 at a time?

Hello. Yes, it can be used together. As for increasing the results 0 you can’t because this is API constraint. Also could you please send a request to our ticket system and we’ll install both plugins together on your server. Thanks.

The amazon variable add on is not working. I submitted a ticket and still have not heard from anyone.

Hello, what is your ticket number?

Is there a way for all images to be removed automatically when a product is deleted? For example, after deleting a product I then have to go and manually remove all its images.

WooCommerce removes all images. Please, read documentation about remove images of products in the WooCommerce. Thank you!

Please give me a link to this info. Are you saying that it’s possible to have the images removed at the same time the product is removed?

WooCommerce Documentation: If you can’t find the answer to your question, send the request to support of WooCoomerce. Thank you!

How do I repost a product I’ve deleted? For example, if I remove a product I’m unable to repost it again after a search because it shows as “posted.”

You should permanently delete from WooCommerce: Thank you!

Is moving to trash and then emptying the trash the same as permanently deleting?

Yes, you are right. Thank you!

When will search show “Prime” products? For example, showing “Prime” on the search results page will save time from having to click over to the seller product page to see if it’s available.

If API Amazon has this feature, we will add it in the next release. Thank you!

I’m assuming it does because there’s a competitor plugin that already does this. Please update yours to do the same. Thanks.

Ok. Thank you!

HI i m very much interested to buy you product but before please fill me in on dropsshipping and cart details please clarify that in drops ship any affiliateproduct bought on my site will be fulfilled/ shipped by amazon or when some proceed to checkout on my website he will be directed to amazon cart with my affiliate please email me on

Hello, there are two modes. You can use WooImporter plugin for dropshipping or affiliate marketing. 1) Dropshipping lets your customers to buy products on your store. 2) Affiliate marketing mode will redirect your customers to original product page when they press “buy” button on your store. Thank you!

so like azon initially all products will bw added to my cart and as soon as he hits buy all product will be transferred to amazon cart or only one product is redirected to amazon cart. and also tell is amazon india supported on this

Please, view videos:

1) Dropship product –

2) Affiliate product –

Yes, Amazon India is supported.

Thank you!

before buying please confirm does it support amazon India and also tell that will all products from my cart will be transferred to amazon or only one at a time.

Please, view videos:

1) Dropship product –

2) Affiliate product –

Yes, Amazon India is supported.

Thank you!

Hi, I keep getting the following error when trying to search by Product ID: “503] Service Unavailable RequestThrottled” Please let me know how I can resolve this. Thanks!

Please, send the request to Thank you!