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I just purchased and install the plugin but unable to search or import products from amazon. After import it says successfully imported but nothing listed in products. Help


Please contact us at support@magegaga.com with details.

I check demo and see that Imports Variation Images doesn’t work.

I just purchased and install the plugin but unable to search or import products from amazon. After import it says successfully imported but nothing listed in products. Help ps this plugin not work

Hi, Please contact at support@magegaga.com with all your issues you are facing someone will techteam will contact you.

Can a user simply import their entire amazon store into woocommerce? Also, how does it handle items that have multiple sizes? Those actually have different upc codes.

Well I was interested in this, but the demo isn’t even working. Oh well….

we will check it

I was interested in purchasing this. 1st thing you haven’t updated the plugin since July 15 so not sure if this still works with latest WooCommerce. 2nd Whats the difference between your Amazon Merchant Only vs Merchant-Reseller.


I am looking for a plugin that only help me to import specific/single products, importing title images and description, and the ability to set price factor, ability to update (Automatically) added products prices depending on my price factor and the product price itself, the most important thing is that I am not an affiliate, I am reseller, so I need all products to be imported and clients buy through me not amazon.

Would this plugin help with what I mentioned above?


Yes, its for reseller only

This plugin doesn’t work.I want Refund

Has some configuration that allows only import the products, and do the checkout directly on the web, I do not want to checkout in amanzon. You do not need to sell and collect affiliate products, just import products available in amazon to use as your own.

Yes, you can use this plugin to import products and set product status to draft so that buyer cant buy

Tried the demo and when I try to import a product, it says it’s imported, but is no where to be found.

Hi I have bought this but it isn’t working, I sent a support email to you, it appears to be the same issues as people have previously mentioned. Please can you update and fix the plugin as I really need this to get a big job done quicker!

Hi, Alll people didn’t setup credentials properly. we also sent email please check it.


Several issues:

Change in php.ini file causes well known security hole leaving injection vulnerability.

Once credentials correctly entered, plugin will not get any lists. Just sits in Pending without giving error. Using refresh causes Curl error to be shown. This goes away if import is selected from menu again but process still sits in “Pending” and does nothing and gives no errors.

Plugin says it imports product when given ASIN but does not actually do anything. Imports nothing – Gives no error.

Purchased product to get Merchants list in order to try and separate out the platform information bracketed in with the name, so this data can be used, AND to correctly match images with products, especially where there are multiple variations in product.

Tried to access website given and it was gone: http://www.magegaga.com/

hi, Please contact us at support@magegaga.com we will check it Thanks

Hello, I purchased the plugin. Doing the procedure from Italy for amazon turns out to be different from that shown in the example video. How do I get apykey from italy? I have already sent the mail but nobody answered

Hi, Its holiday due to festival tech staff will check and update you tomorrow

is this plugin dead? demo doesn’t work

hello, the pluging imports the items from amazon in good way, but only the list prices of the items, I need to know how can I get the sale price from amazon items, please check the below item


The item have a sale price of lower than the list price

please contact us at support@magegaga.com

Does is support importing from amazon.com.mx?? Does it support bulk importing?

Can I use it for amazon.de?

İt is not working. Even I tried it with amazon.com.

hi, please contact us at support@magegaga.com for any support issues

I want to purchase your product, I need to import my amazon stores to my different woocommerce stores , I have 4 stores . I don’t know your plugin is working yet or not , if it is working properly than reply me and if any problem also inform


Too bad this whole project seems to be dead. Unanswered questions, demo sites offline etc

sorry we are migrating servers i will update you once demos are ready