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Hi, looks promising however I do not use WooCommerce.

Is there any way I can use the Amazon item finder and dump all the info into an excel sheet? I would be willing to pay extra for this, as well as buy this product, and rate, as I know this is a new product.

Let me know, ASAP.

comment here and email me

Is it possible to find items from other sellers as well? I am gathering data about pricing changes, I do not sell anything on Amazon or Woocommerce, would it be possible to just find X number of Amazon ASIN #’s and dump all that info (Description, images, titles, etc) into an excel sheet?

Disregard, I found my solution, GLWS!

The plugin is faulty and please add option to reset the plugin settings. Plus the bullshit thing is, I have your ebay plugin too and amazon plugin’s settings take me to ebay settings.

Piece of shitty software. I want REFUND !

It seems ebay plugin settings conflicting with amazon. if you can give access details we will fix it on your website or you can wait for next update.

Note the plugin works we have tested with other plugins coexistence we will do and resolve issues if any.


I cannot give access. You guys should have settings to completely “uninstall” the plugins which should wipe all the data it holds. I cannot even retry because everytime I re-install, it still shows old settings. Inorder to access amazon settings, I have to deactivate ebay plugin. Its just ridiculous configuration. Fix it !!

ok wait for the next update we will resolve conflict with other plugins in coupld of days.


Can i efit the imported profucts from the dashboard.

Yes you can edit you can all operations which you normally do with manually created product in woocommerce

What info does this grab from amazon? What if I wanted to import all the books and I need the ISBN number as well. Is this possible?

Currently it imports by ASIN.

We have wordpress 4.5 Version. We have installed this plugin Amazon To Woocommerce Item Import(For Amazon Merchants Only) & added MWS & AWS detail which we got from amazon. While we try to import its stuck on 50%. Please update on this.

Hi, we already sent you email please check it

email send plz check

Does this allow you to have the orders to be fulfilled by amazon?

No. its item import only no order fulfilment

If I import products from Amazon, but make changes to their name/description etc on the WP site, will these changes be overridden when the plugin syncs with Amazon?

No. when you reimport only price and qty are updated title and description wont change

Hi there, in need of some support. I just bought 2 of the amazon to woocom plugins. I think I only need the latter as I just want to import products from amazon to woocomerce. With that said I only need to setup the mws correct. With other plugins i’ve used needing mws setup I’ve only needed to click a link that takes you to the setup and credentials. What’s the best way for me to get this setup. Thanks


I didnt get you. If you want us to setup please contact us at

Hi, I just purchase & install the plugin. I configure MWS & AWS info but nothing happens when I try toimport by ASIN a product….Any help would be great to resilve this isssue. Thanks


Please contact us at

Hi, I’ve send you yesterday a mail to this address. Thanks. Regards

Hi we purchased your ‘Support for Amazon To Woocommerce Item Import(For Amazon Merchants Only)’

Just linked it with Amazon and have requested several reports, each report is still pending in your plugin, yet on Amazon the report is complete.

If I press refresh on your plugin ‘Manage reports’ page I get this message:

Curl error: Couldn’t resolve host ‘https’.

Could you please advise how to fix this issue.


We asked for access details to check it but didn’t receive it

Hi, I have emailed your support but they have not got back to me for like 3 hours, any help would be great

Hi, I have emailed your support but they have not got back to me for like 3 hours, any help would be great

Hi, sorry we missed your message please contact us with website access details we will check it

Hi, 2 questions: 1. Can I link an existing WooCommerce product with an existing Amazon product by its SKU? 2. Can I import orders or just products?

1. currently such feature is not available 2. only inventory is imported

Domain name not found

Hi, I didn’t get what you mean?


The plugin doesn’t work, messaged to support through their web site. They asked me for the admin password and ftp credentials. No response after that and Amazon account got hacked and changed password. Plesae refund my money, it does not work.

I did, but the problem not solve. Can only import one by one by the ANIS. Cannot import by Reports. Please help.

after the owner “fixed” the problem, when try to import, it always stuck in the middle. Not work as promised and no reply from the developer. Help

Hi, Please increase hosting configuration like memory and cpu Thanks

Does not work. Please refund.

Hello, does this plugin allow us to pull in all products from our store automatically? I want to be able to put my store into the plugin, and have all my products be populated on the WordPress site. Or do I need to import link by link?

When importing products, the plugin says it can take up to 45 minutes. Am I able to leave that screen or do I need to stay on that screen?

Please contact us at with your admin credentials.

Please add AWS Credentials at “Manage AWS Accounts”. When we try to send you through mail getting mail delivery failed.

will this automatically remove a product that is not available anymore?


No,it does not remove the product if it is not available on amazon.


Hi there. Does it has any dropship functionality?


No,It does not has dropship functionality.