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Hi Is it possible handle the permission per users? I would like to view files and delete only.(this means, not need download link and share )

Can user have folders like below

MY S3 BUCKET/user1/folder11/subfolders,

MY S3 BUCKET/user1/folder12/subfolders,

MY S3 BUCKET/user2/folder21/subfolders,

MY S3 BUCKET/user2/folder22/subfolders

when user1 working on order 12, he should only have access folder12 but not folder11.

Could this upload a video of more than 5gb into s3. are the video uploaded in chucks so as to be able to upload larger video files of say 20gb?

Where can I specify the URL for the aws?

Also, I am getting Not Found page as the page redirects to photos

Content of the index file <?php Header(‘Location: photos’); exit();

I sent you a PM, no response yet?

Check your email.

I am having the same problem as others. I have followed the instruction but have cannot get passed login. Is there more detailed instructions available as the current ones are very limited

I solved my issues.

New questions, how can I increase the upload limit as i tried to load a 55mb file and i got a too large response. Anyone get around that issue?

I changed the nginx size limit and now after trying to load anything greater than 2mb. the page redirects to nothing and does not complete the upload. Anyone else experience this fault?

Hi – after clicking the menu toggle – how can we get the side panel to slide back into view?

you install in my hosting? have in spanish?

Just purchased it, can you help me with this error, i cant find app/db.php?

PHP Warning: include(../app/db.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/admin/login.php on line 9, referer: http://domain.com/admin/login.php

thank you

Figured it out, the zip file i downloaded from envato did not have the db.php in the app directory… created a blank db.php and the installation.php wrote database connection info after completion. But now im getting error below after customer login:

“Not Found

The requested URL /photos was not found on this server.”

Please help, thank you.

Got the “not found” issue resolved… now im getting this;

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘app’ (T_STRING) in /var/www/html/login.php on line 12

Any help is appreciated, thx.

Disregard all fixed.

Can I use CloudFront domain in the share link? Also, can it auto generate torrent download links?

Is it possible to easily turn off the payment option – It looks like I just need to set $active = 1; $complete = 1;

But where would be the best place to put those lines? (assuming I’m right) Or is there an easier way?

Ok, so this program doesn’t appear to work at all. It looks nice but it doesn’t function at all (i.e. can’t upload anything) It appears the javascript is all messed up.

Hello, Is there away to sale subscriptions based on the disk space (e.g.5GB, 10GB,etc)?

Can you help also make the same script but to be used for automatic cpanel website backup or manual lick to backup websites using ftp?such that some one registers on and be able to remote backup the website using your script and sites be backed up to amazon s3 bucket as files

Is it possible to integrate in another payment gateway like pesapal.com ?

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

You have interested in developing such a mechanism in a module for PrestaShop?

Just check 4 folders system of PrestaShop and send to S3 or CloudFront whenever you have a new file on the server, and synchronize.

I am having a connection was reset when I try to upload a video?


edesent Purchased

When I setup the script I already had information if my bucket like folders who can I get those to appear?


myo1988 Purchased

I want to purchase. Does it work til now?

I just purchased. Like the script. Not sure if you are still supporting this but I’d like to use so all who register use my existing S3 bucket to view files and download. Right now – I entered S3 keys and it makes a user folder for each user but it doesn’t show the existing files that are already in the S3 bucket. Did I do something wrong? Seems like it should show all users the existing files in S3 buckets of admin but doesn’t.