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Hi, very interesting but it should upload directly to S3 (even without zipping the files), to save bandwith on the main server. If you start using it often you should incur in heavy charges from your server provider. Could you please set an option for this? NO Zipping -> Direct Upload to S3



Thank you for your suggestion, I have added it to my to-do list and will look into the possibilities.

Please let me know if you have any further questions and/or suggestions.


is this plug-in, s3 protocol or just plugin to do object upload only to amazon s3?


This plugin connects Droppy to S3 so all the uploaded files will be stored in a S3 bucket instead of your local server. Currently it is not possible to connect this plugin to anything else than S3.

Hope this will answer your questions, feel free to let me know if you have any further questions.

how come we can’t download 1.1.4 that supports droppy 1.4.0?

The new updates are still in the review queue at Envato, because Envato reviews every new update, I think this will be available next Monday, you can also send an email to including your purchase codes and I will send you the new version of the plugins.

files goes to my server than s3 or go direct to s3 than delete in my server or goes direct to s3?

hack can upload file to server than run. how can ivoid that

hacker can upload file to server than run! How can avoid that?


You can add blocked file types (mime types) to the blocked file type list, by logging into your admin panel and going to “Settings -> General settings”, scroll down to the bottom and you will see the input section over there.
If you are still having issues then please send an email to

Thanks in advance

Pre-sales question: if I understand correctly: 1. User upload the file. 2. This file will be stored first in local server in order to compress the file into zip. 3. The plugin upload this compressed file into AWS3. 4. Finally, the plugin (or the core script) delete the file from the local server.

Is it correct? Thanks!


Yes that’s correct ! And when a user downloads the file the download will go directly to the user from AWS S3.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

hi, how does this work. i can run file transfer website directly on amazon s3?

when use 1TB transfer 1 month on amazon s3, what price? pleas help, i dont get it with calculate;)

I have replied your ticket #437453

hi, I already install premium and s3. i uploaded one file for testing s3 and it uploads the file to s3 very well, however, when I want to copy the download file link and use it, it appears the 404 error because it says that the link doesn’t exist. I don’t if this comes from s3 plugin or if maybe it happens since the main installation. however, all steps were well done: paypal account attached successfully, s3 attached successfully too, so what can I do? thanks.

I have replied your ticket.

Is there any way at all we can upload straight to S3 without having to send to server first? Even if we lose the zip functionality.


This is currently not possible, it’s something that’s on my todo list but has low priority, so I can’t really tell when this will be available.

Please let me know if you have any further questions