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Hello, Need for demo, awaiting for your feedback.

We are still at it this end Sanayar, just taking a little longer than expect ing as we are showcasing a theme as well we will soon release.

Coming soon I promise.

Well, I guess i am the first one who bought this. Anyways…first issue…When i´m searching products with keywords for DE, no matter what keyword, i just got a result with max 3 products or less. This is no good. Any idea?

If you like, I can copy and paste your emails here and show… no problem for me but this is my product.

Please use the support form.

Works now as it should. Thanks. Everything is fine.

Now this is good to hear :)

Hi PixelBinThemes, I’m waiting for the demo. Thanks.

Alright then, I’ll wait.

Thanks Masterqif

Hello, Need for demo, awaiting for your feedback.

We have merged the demo for this plugin with an up and coming theme however, its been 6 weeks and still waiting to be reviewed.

As soon as the theme is approved, I will update the demo link for you.

Regards, - PixelBin Support

Hi, little question before to buy it: Can this plugin import Amazon’s pictures in the Wordpress library or not ?

Hey, that is exactly what this plugin does. It connects to the Amazon api and then uploads the ones you select into the wordpress media library

Hello. THe plugin is still supported? any update? is there a live demo?


This plugin is still supported, updated and working as expect Stefen.

We are currently in the process of finishing up another plugin and launching it. As soon as we have done that we are getting up another live demo.

- PixelBin Support

if new version came will old buyers pay ?I need to buy one do you have any video review of this plugin

There is a demo link on the product page which shows you a basic demonstration of the functionality included.

1. Your choice 2. If its in the demo (aside from a theme feature) you get it 3. Yes, all plugins we sell come with documentation included 4. You can always upgrade the plugin

one more thing,is 90 days cookie supported after adding product to cart ?

Yes but if not, we can add it no problem.

Hi, Can I use own calls to action? The amazon ones I do not like because they do not integrate well in the blog

Thanks in advance, Best regards

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch. If you can contact us via the account you brought the plugin with and provide a valid purchase code, we will be happy to help.

All the best, Pixelbin Support

Hi, Before making the purchase I need to know if I will be able to use my own purchase buttons. I will not buy without knowing this. I’m not asking you to tell me how to do it, only if it can be done.Thank you


Sorry for the delayed reply this weekend. At current no its not possible however, we can easily ahve the functionality added.

All the best, Andy

Hello, can I customize the “buy from amazon” button? The button is just englisch and I have a german site. Is that plugin working with german products?


Yes the plugin will work with german products but I will need to make sure edits to the plugin so you can edit the Buy from Amazon with another version.

Alternatively, you could override the button with some custom css and make the button look how you want.

All the best, Pixelbin Support

will this plug in will work with any store of amazon like amazon Mexico?

Sorry for taking so long to reply to you!

Yes absolutely the plugin will work with any Amazon region :)

Hi, I purchased and installed this plugin but it doesn’t work at all in my site. Can you help me to resolve the issue? I sent you a message through contact form.

Still no email :(

Thanks for helping me to resolve the issue :)

No worries at all, apologies for the slower than average response.

All the best, Pixelbin Support

Hello, Is this legal to load contents (text descriptions, pictures, reviews and etc…) from amazon, to my website by this plugin?!

Yes it is, the assets are provided by Amazon via their API directly.

Hey there, Last Update was almost a year ago. Will it still work with the latest WordPress version and most importantly is it secure? If I purchase and need help, do you have a support email address I can use if need be? Thanks!


Plugin is still working as expected – Amazon have not made any major api updates. Support is provided via Codecanyon support form which will come directly through to me.


Hi! Does this work with Italian Amazon affiliate programme? How can I see how it works before purchasing?

Yes it works with all Amazon affiliate programs for all regions :)

Your website is down. Please provide documentation.

Can I Get A Refund?

Website is definitely up :)

plugin does not work on https://wirelessdogfence.xyz/