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Looks perfect for the site I’m currently working on.

Is there a way to randomise which list shows up? So if I selected a variety of sections, different ones would show up randomly?

Currently no, each widget is configured for a single list.

You could write some script to generate the shortcode based on a random selection from a list.

I’ll make a note of it and possibly include in a future update – next job is probably multiple templates.

Not a major problem, if that can be added at some point down the line, it would be good.

Another good thing, would be the possibility of using keywords to show items, but that would be further down the line probably :)

I don’t seem to be able to see the node section in the Amazon URL (maybe they were rifght when I was a teenager, and it did make me go blind).

This is an example URL I got after a search on Amazon:


Yes, search results are different to browsenodes.

This plugin is based on the lists published and updated hourly by Amazon which reflect sales volumes, gifting, and appearance on wishlists.

I’m open to the idea of building a similar widget to build lists based on keyword searches – I think it’s outside the scope of this plugin due to the need for much tighter integration with the Amazon API .

I’ve had a look around, and found a couple of URL ’s that are indispensable when using this plugin:

Full list of top-level nodes for all Amazon stores http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSECommerceService/latest/DG/index.html?BrowseNodeIDs.html=

For the more advanced search, use this page http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSECommerceService/latest/DG/index.html?FindingBrowseNodes.html=

I would have liked to add a better browsenode selector to the widget but the only way to do it is by integrating the Amazon API so you would need to get an AWS API key in order to use it. I wanted to keep this plugin fairly easy to install and use, so I stopped short of doing that.

It would be difficult because each Amazon store has different codes and many users would just get confused if things got too complicated.

Bought this but having problems … running WP 3 .0.1 and activated plugin … no problems … added my affiliate ID, set defaults to 5 items of best seller category … saved them all …

added short codes as follows in post but seeing nothing … site is http://1DayOnly.com ...

Top Gifts for Dad The annual day devoted to dads is quickly approaching, and now is the perfect time to begin thinking about Father’s Day gifts. This year Americans will honor their fathers on Sunday, June 19, with grilling and golf topping many weekend to-do lists.

Gadgets Galore Fathers are hard-wired to be lured in by shiny electric objects, whether it’s a tool that makes work more bearable or a toy that makes play even more fun. Laptops and smartphones are popular choices for the dad who spends his days in a cubicle or corner office, while a Nook, HDTV or Xbox Kinect would give Dad a way to unwind on the weekends. Budget conscious shoppers can also find a host of accessories for nearly any gadget under the sun.

[ahl node=”493964”]

DIY Dad Fathers seem possess the innate ability to fix anything – or at least the confidence to believe that they can do it. Possession of the proper tools is paramount, but from there, Dad can conquer any home improvement task. And after the project is mastered, wouldn’t it be great if Dad could sit down and enjoy an ice-cold beer, along with a juicy burger from his new grill?

[ahl node=”468240”]

Gifts for the Great Outdoors Outdoor sporting goods are flying off the proverbial shelves right now, serving up a great Father’s Day option. Golf could be recognized as the official sport of dads, with headcovers, range finders, shoes and clothing as sought after as a hole-in-one. Other in-demand options for the outdoor enthusiast include fishing gear, bicycle parts and camping essentials such as tents and flashlights.

[ahl node=”1063498”]

Fatherly Fashion Let’s be honest: most dads could use a little coaching when it comes to wardrobe selection. Luckily, Father’s Day offers the perfect excuse to update Dad’s standard uniform. Transcend socks and ties by adding a dress shirt or a sweater to his closet, then finish the look with a nice wristwatch or a pair of sunglasses that combine style and function

[ahl node=”1079730”]

Please advise as to why not showing in post as written … the only screen shot you have is of a sidebar implementation but the item description clearly states page and post support as well …

What am I missing????

Awesome support … the author worked with me to get modifications to make everything work in less than 24 hours of notification … GREAT support.

If you want to see it in action using short codes within a post, check out the 2nd post titled “Top Gift Ideas for Dad” at http://1DayOnly.com ... the post uses 4 different short codes, each pointing to a different Amazon product node within a single post!

Lots of opportunities using this plugin … I would love to be able to search for products by keywords and also be able to display products side-by-side in a horizontal fashion versus stacked vertically (this might be possible with custom CSS —I plan to look into this as well)

Thanks for the feedback, the problem was a dependency on the php setting “allow_url_fopen”, something which not everybody will be able to change, either through technical ability or hosting restrictions.

I’ve finished updating and testing a new version of the plugin and submitted it to codecanyon as an update.


I am really liking this plugin! You can see it on display at http://1dayonly.com/top-gift-ideas-for-dad ...

A few quick questions … if I wanted to display 5 products in a single horizontal row within a post/page is that possible?

If I wanted to display 10 items for a given node and category in 2 lines of 5 product images is that possible?

Finally, can I pull in a more complete product description for each item displayed in the results set?

Can’t wait to see if you are able to incorporate keyword based support for this plugin as well … that would make this plugin an absolute must for Amazon affiliate marketers!


Is there any way that this plugin can work out which country you are accessing the site from and tailor the Amazon results to suit? And if not does your Amazon affiliate ID carry through to the UK (etc) version of Amazon if I went for a standard US site to be shown at all times and users from the UK went to the UK version after seeing dollars?

Hi, I’m planning to add this into the next version of the plugin. In the meantime, you could try this plugin to change the links on the fly: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/amazon-affiliate-link-localizer/

It won’t change the country from which the list is generated though which is what I intend to do.

Can i show only a list with numbers… without pictures? All links with css? In what Country it works?

You can alter the template used to display the links in any way that you like. So yes, you could quite easily show the list in the way that you’ve described.

Update for .es location.


OK, I’m overdue on updating this so I’ll add the .es domain as a priority.

This looks like a great plugin, does it also do Amazon Wishlist?

No, It will get the “Most Wished For” in any product category but not individual wishlists. That’s not a bad idea though – I might consider it for the next update.

Can’t get this to work at all. Triggers an Internal Server Error and has to be deleted. Shame. I was looking forward to using it. Any suggestions?

Hmm it could be a conflict with some other plugin or possibly a dependency on a server component.

What version of WordPress are you using?

I’m using the latest version of WordPress.

I’ve tested on WP 3 .4.1 and it works OK for me. Can you let me know if there was a specific error message or send me a list of the plugins that you are using (Message through my profile page if you prefer) I’ll see if I can work out what’s causing the error.

Hi, is there a way of changing the size of the image it shows

I’m afraid the size is generated by Amazon, there’s no easy way to change it.

I can only display a maximum of 5 items. No matter what I set as the default or specify for the count field in the shortcode, I can only get five items. If I specify a count of 3 in the shortcode, 3 items are displayed. But if I specify 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 in the shortcode, only five items are displayed.

I think that Amazon are now restricting the feeds to only 5 items, I’ll investigate.

Any luck to get this working on amazon.es ?

I’ve seen you added amazon.es, purchased !

I can’t see anything on Default, Advanced or Shortcodes section, I’m running latest Wordpress version. Help?

you’re right, I’ll work on a fix for this. In the meantime the link for the documentation should be working. Sorry I didn’t spot this sooner.

im running the plugin on the WP 3.5 and I have a problem. I am using it via shortcode on a page and the script ignores the “count” parameter when using something >5. even tho i set the default to 10 and also did it inside the shortcode, it is only showing 5 items. now im sad, cant use it with only 5 items for which I bought it :(

That would be great. I bought your Script only because it stated to show the “Top 10” of a browsenode. Top 5 is useless for me – you should change the scripts description so other people dont get into my situation. Its just $8 but I assume you understand that nobody wants to pay for something that doesnt do what it stated to do in the description… :) Hope you can fix it.

Hello DaveKinsella. Did you find a way to display 10 items again? I have the sad feeling I have just thrown $8 out of my window ;)

So far, no. I’m trying to schedule some time to work on this, and a few other updates, I can’t make any promises though.

Hey Dave, nice plugin. I have encountered some issues with the shortcode. If I paste it into an article, the error

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /www/**/wp-content/plugins/amazon-hotlists/class-ahl.php on line 86

Same error for line 88. Any idea?

Hey Dave,

for the german site the price doen’t show up. I also tried it with the US-Store and there it works. Any idea?

It worked for some items but not for all items i now know that the plugin uses the “from”-price. Is it possible to use the regular price? Not all items have a from-price. (like 20 new from EUR 6.00 ).

3 weeks no answer. Anybody else?

Apologies, I’ve been caught up in other work. I’ll be looking to either fix this plugin soon, reliance on Amazon means that everytime they change something, there’s a chance that it will break this plugin. If I can’t find a way to re-factor to make this plugin work as expected, I may decide to retire it. If that happens then I will make the code available for anybody who wishes to take it on.

Hi. Purchased this today and took few minutes to configure it, but from the sidebar widget links to products I can’t see the affiliate id embedded and I wrote it in the settings and the widget config show it perfectly. When I enter to Amazon dot com I can’t see my affiliate’s id in the url. Can you please check this out?

hi you still working on this script ? i need customizations … what is your email or skype ?