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Hello bro ! is it possible to use your cool script for my html websites pages ? i mean not a wordpress version ?

Hey man, no sorry it requires WP :)

so using your app would it be possible to pull in this amazon list https://goo.gl/HvGc1u

ahhh! dont worry i didnt know it wasnt affiliate capable thanks

How do we use our amazon affiliate link with this plugin?

Hi rvasocialmarketing,

basically you enter your Amazon API keys and your “affiliate tracking id” into the plugin settings. Then you’re placing product boxes (by shortcode) and the plugin automatically creates affiliate links for you.

Issues with the ZIP file for me, where each unpack produced another zip file which in turn produced another. This went on about 5 times, during which I got several errors due to the path/file name being too long. To avoid this I had to save the original zip in the root of my file structure/drive and unpack again. There should only ever be the need for just the one unzip but because of the Evanto license then most products involve 2 UnZips, but 5 nested UnZips??? Confidence not high at this stage.

Update: I have to correct myself: The file structure is absolute okay and looks as Envato asks us authors to.

I think maybe your misunderstanding what I mean. I am not saying that you have not done what Evanto asks, that is not the point I am making, but simply saying that when I downloaded the zip file and had to unzip it then it became like a box within a box and I had to keep unpacking files and encountering errors because the file and path names were too long. This happened several times and the whole process became quite frustrating and not very user-friendly. I’m not sure how many times I had to do it, I’m not going to go through all that again just to check, but it was enough times for me to think that it was getting a bit ridiculous. Also, some of the unpacks seemed to produce a mirror image of its parent. Might be a glitch with my download or my unzipper or something, but it would be interesting to hear other peoples experiences and see if I am the only one experiencing this ;-)

Understand what you mean but the structure and depth of the file is exactly how it should look like according to Envato’s guidline. So you might better address your feedback to their Support :-)

But maybe only your download file was invalid or it’s something related to your local machine. Who knows ;)

Very much appreciated… Cheers :)

Happy to hear :)

Very much appreciated… Cheers :)

Happy to hear :)

Hi, I’m a little confused – is this plugin and the one found at https://getaawp.com different?

Yes they are different, see https://getaawp.com/envato/

Pre Sales question: Is your plugin compatible with geniuslink ( geni.us ) because i am promoting all over the world and genius is converting the amazon affilate link to the correct viewers amazon website. Also i want the plugin only to load the .js on a specific site so my site is not overloading. Is this possible? Thanks

Hey, indeed you can use geniuslink on top of the plugin. Right now the is no js file being loaded at all.

sounds great. so another problem could be, that when i insert the US-API it Shows USD. Is it possible to disable the price to Show? Just the “Buy on Amazon” button?

Not right now sorry. But feel free to send me a direct message. I might have something for you

Hello, I have purchased the plugin but I have checked your demo there are different prices for your Amazon product than real prices on Amazon. For example: “Seagate Backup Plus Hub for Mac 8TB External Desktop Hard Drive (STEM8000400)*”

Thanks for letting me know.

I switched my API keys and didn’t update it inside the plugin settings yet. Demo site is up2date again :-)


if i published but it is unique SEO Content or duplicate content?

First off all it’s not SEO content.

Of course you should write your own content AND place a bestseller between it. Not only creating a list and that’s it ;-)

Hi. I purchased this plugin here at Codecanyon. I re-download the latest version from Codecanyon and installed to my wordpress, but immediately it says a newer version 3.3.8 is available. The latest version available to me at codecanyon is 3.3.7 but there is a newer version? I thought developers keep the latest version release available to their codecanyon customers? Thanks!

Hey elmaximo,

sometimes plugins get more frequently updated than uploaded to CodeCanyon (due to their manually approvals which take some time).

But don’t worry, just update the plugin and it’s fine ;-)

Hi Flowdee: I think I asked before but can’t remember. I am interested in displaying “movers & shakers”, “most wished for” and “gift ideas” as well. I saw you mention in old comment you plan on adding these all… Just wondering how your progress is going on these other categories and what the ETA will be for availability? Do you plan to integrate these features all into this one plugin or make them separate? Thanks!!

Hey, I have plans for this but not for this plugin sorry. Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to know more :)

same problem at codecanyon, there is no unlimited site license or 10 sites. i see in your site you do it for other products, you should add this one.

ok, I see that you own also getaawp.com, but this one is more expensive

Due to CodeCanyon’s license terms, you must to buy the plugin for every single site. It’s not up to me sorry :)

Is there some function that would allow, when a new item is added to the list it can trigger a social media connection that forwards the new listing to say twitter ?

Nope and not planned :)

Plugin is not working for me. I set my amazon license keys and affiliate id, click to save, and it goes to a blank page – options.php. The page never refreshes and once I go back to the original page where I set my keys they are gone.

It seems like there’s an issue with your site/server.

Would you be so kind and produce some error logs ( see https://codex.wordpress.org/Debugging_in_WordPress ) and get send the log file over via https://kryptonitewp.com/contact/

hello, is it possible to use the plugin autonomously with different tracks of different countries? otherwise it is possible to work alongside another?

Nope, only country/store at the same time. But of course you can use it additionally to other plugins

This is an example of some of amazon bestsellers https://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Appstore-Android-Travel/zgbs/mobile-apps/9408785011/ref=zg_bs_nav_mas_1_mas would i be able to embed on my site this list of “Amazon Bestsellers ‹ Apps<Games<Travel. ?

In general this could be done either by using keywords like “travel apps” or passing the browse node id 9408785011 into the shortcode.

410/5000 Hi, I have a problem. With the same setup (template, plugin, hosting) your plugin in one site from one problem and another not. How to solve? an example of an error that presents: Warning: sizeof (): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in / home / - / webapps / vivaioonline / wp-content / plugins / amazon- bestseller-for-wordpress / includes / aawp / class.aawp-functions.php online 1151

Hi tuwebcanarias,

thanks for letting us know. Actually this is only a PHP warning, the plugin itself should work anyway. It seems like you want to display a list which might produces some issues.