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SvenJob Purchased


i really like your Plugin and to work with it, there is just one think that can make it a litte bit better. My Site are fully transferd to https but the plugin loads Content like Images over http …. i make some really ugly changes on the plugin so it works for me but i’m sure that this can be do in a much better way. So did you plan a https support?

Hey SvenJob,

thanks for your message. There’s a solution I can offer you but therefore please contact me directly via https://coder.flowdee.de/contact/ .

PS: German is fine as well :-)

Hi, I’ve some questions. 1) does Google will able to index everything? 2) In what factors / criteria does the plugin determent the “best sellers”? 3) If I add a node ID for a main category – will it display the “best sellers” -from all sub categories? – example: if I want the top 25 best sellers from a main category – it maybe 2 from sub1, maybe 5 from sub3…etc…So it selects the top 25 from the main category and will display the 25?... 4) Does the plugin have any “affiliate Link Protection”? – – it’s pretty important! (for the obvious reasons)!.. 5) What if I want to display top 20 from EVERY Amazon Category – CAN I? ... Thanks, Fred

Hey freholtme1,

1.) Due to the fact that you place shortocdes inside your posts/pages of course google will index the pages.

2.) First off all the plugin fetches the bestsellers from the official Amazon bestseller lists in case the right node id is given. In case you make a keyword bestseller search, products will be sorted by salesrank.

3.) The products will be fetched from the official Amazon bestseller lists. Each category has its own node id. You can easily browse through the lists on Amazon.com etc. and see how they handle this.

4.) What do you mean exactly? Masked/cloaked links?

5.) You would have to place 1 shortcode for every list/category.

Feel free to contact me directly via https://coder.flowdee.de/contact/ if you have any further questions so we can start a deeper conversation which is better than here in the cpmments. Additionally I might have some more tips for you.


cka233 Purchased


Just installed the plugin but can’t get the Star rating and Reviews to display. Please help. Thanks

Hey cka233, please take a look here: https://aawp.de/en/note-missing-star-ratings/


cka233 Purchased

And also how can I display the Amazon prime logo on eligible products?

Hey cka233, the prime logo can’t be displayed with this plugin. But feel free to contact me via https://coder.flowdee.de/contact/ i might have a solution for you.

Hi flowdee,

I have found a really nice compare table and I’m not sure if this is a custom designed template based on your plugin.

Here is your bestseller plugin in action:


and this is the script ( plugin ) i would like to buy:


P.S. This looks like very good on mobile too.

Hey b0sAnChE,

right now it’s not yet possible with the bestseller plugin. But feel free to contact me via https://coder.flowdee.de/contact/ . I might have some solution for this as well.

hellom its only for the first product of one category of amazon or someone product by api key und the productnumber?

Hello ninanina,

I don’t understand what you want to know, can you please be more specific? Additionally feel free to contact me directly via coder.flowdee.de/contact/ in German if you like.

ah dnake, deutsch also., knan das Plugin nur bestseller oder auch einzelne produkte,die ich selebr auswähle über diese asin numemr oder wie die heißt?

Hey, dieses Plugin kann nur die Bestseller-Listen. Für einzelne Produkte hätte ich eine Alternative für dich. Dafür am besten bitte kurz hier melden: https://coder.flowdee.de/contact/

Hi Do you have both add to cart (90 day cookie) as well as normal 1 day cookie link options?

Hey krunalc, right now standard affiliate links. But feel free to contact me directly, I might have an alternative for you.


benoic Purchased

Since the update to 3.2.2. I get a php Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=12243 in /wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1869

Hey benoic,

thanks for your message. I’m aware of the issue and currently working on the fix. In case you want to downgrade until then feel free to message me via https://coder.flowdee.de/contact/ and I’ll send you the previous version.

Can this be shown like a carousel wherein instead of Vertical lists we get horizontal ones?

Hey leisyaoron, none of them is possible with this plugin right now. sorry.

3. Also, can we use the same sized product display as in “demo widget” in the post? 4. Is there option to hide number of reviews and price in product display? 5. Do we have to manually click the update button or does the product prices updates without having to do any thing?


Hey alltimemac, thanks for your feedback. It would be very helpful if you can forward your questions to https://coder.flowdee.de/contact/ . It takes a few lines to reply and it’s much better to handle by email instead of the comment section here. Thanks :)


soy_moe Purchased

This plugin have a 90 days cookies?



soy_moe Purchased

How many days have?

Hey soy_moe, by default Amazon’s 24 hours cookies. But 90-days-cookies are available in one of my other plugins. Feel free to send me a message via https://coder.flowdee.de/contact/ if you want more infos.

Hello, can you tell me what kind of policies is necessary for IAM user? i mean, the plugin works if i put FullAccess to this user IAM but i don’t want to give her AdminAccess, can you help me to create a user only for the plugin and API?