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I am interested in the product as well, however the http request to http://demo.amaplug.de/?page_id=13 took 23 seconds to complete, which is too long. Any idea why?

Hello. Yes there is no cache enabled. Regards Kai

for amazon hot new releases is it possible

Hello. Just send me a email (support@amaplug.de) with more Info and examples. Regards


trycms Purchased

At setting area set the default area is USA (amazon.com),after do this, in the post ,I still need select the “Location” from Brazil to USA.

Hello. Fixed and included in a new Version next days. Regards


olizuru Purchased

1st time I bought a plugin / script here on Themeforest that results in a fatal error after activating! Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /amaplug/includes/trait-amaplug-helper.php on line 20

Hello. Misunderstand … The error came if PHP-VERSION is to small. Traits available with 5.4 this is a requirement stand also in description :) Regards Kai


olizuru Purchased

ok, sometimes I should read the descriptions to the end. But, I’m working with Accounts on 5 different hosting companies and not one of them got 5.4. as an default & recommended version installed.

Newer is better :) Regards

Hi. Are these integrated with WooCommerce? Or how are they integrated? Is there any logic so that I can e.g. trigger a product to be displayed, based on an article? Aka keyword-trigger?

Hello. You can “import” and display product. You can look here to see what is todo https://amaplug.com/amaplug-tutorial-woocommerce-externalaffiliate-product/. If you need more info contact support@amaplug.de. Regards

Hi there, interested in the plugin. However, just wondering… 1) can I automatically add products based on a specific keyword and 2) can I load these automatically in WooCommerce (external/affiliate type) products and 3) is the info in these WooCommerce product descriptions automatically updated? Thanks in advance, regards, Bob.


1) Currently you can added products to woocommerce based on a asin not a keyword. 2) Amazon products will be marked as external/affiliate product. 3) Correct the info will be updated (if the products will updated via cron) automatically.

Regards Kai


Does your plugin has the localized feature?

So that if a user clicks on the affiliate link he/she can be taken to the specific amazon website of the country that he is visiting from?

Hello. No this is not yet implemented. Regards

Hello, I want to add an rss feed and show the top selling songs. Is this possible with your plugin?

Hello weddingmuseum, currently it’s not supported. Regards Kai


gedop Purchased

Hi How can I translate “Usually ships in 24 hours” via “Translations” menu

Hello. Go to Amaplug -> Translations inside Backend and then search that Text. Go inside (Edit) and change that text you like. Regards Kai

Pre-buy question:

it is posible to add a list of articles in a single post related by the tags o category, or adding the keywords in the shortag? something like this:


Cheers :)

Hello N3k0,

nice idea to get that automatically (add to my todo now). If you put in the shortcodes manually after post with a specific keyword (to that/each) it should work. You can customize that on your own need :)

Regards Kai

Servus, ich würde das Plug-In gerne kaufen, allerdings nur, wenn das Geotargeting in der Zwischenzeit integriert wurde. Gruß

Hallo. Wir sind bereits am testen. Offiziell speziell in dieser Version ist es noch nicht drin. Also noch etwas warten … Sorry :) Lieben Gruß Kai

Danke für die schnelle Rückmeldung. Dann schaue ich regelmäßig rein, habe mir jetzt Woozone Contextual geholt, aber bin damit nicht zufrieden, werde nach Release mit geotargeting deine Version testen. Gruß und schönen Advent.

Greetings – I noticed in the demo, the purchase takes me to Amazon.Germany – Is it the default or can it auto detect the person location and take them to the correct Amazon location? Regards, -S

Hello. IP based location is not possible yet. You can only Put shortcode for each location in your post or Whatever. Regards Kai

Danke! I like the simplicity and it suits the needs for my wife’s future blog – I’ll get it and hope one day it will have geo-location

Hello there, please let me know: in order to use the cart link (90 days cookie) feature, do I need to install the woocommerce plugin or can it work without it?

Best regards,


Hello. You don’t need woocommerce :) Regards Kai

Thanks for letting me know

The status of my plugin is “not connected”, even though I enter all my amazon API keys

I’m still waiting for your answer

I’ve reply you :) ... I send you tomorrow from other mail again. Regards

You get the Mail? Regards

I managed to install the plugin. I use the best seller list. Can I make it more refined by having the keyword to include CATEGORY and a KEYWORD so I can get a more accurate list. Can have Amazon product link on side widget as in your demo?

The shortcode on widget doesn’t appear as per your live demo site http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/amazon-affiliate-plugin-amaplug/full_screen_preview/14459847?_ga=1.214169425.733990219.1487307789. It is showing only as text. I use the plugin Shortcode widget to use the shortcode as given in your demo site.

btw, I did emailed you the previous questions but no reply, may be my email gone to your spam. I have checked my spam mail too to make sure.

Reply send. Sorry.

Hi, please let me know, I would like to use your plugin to promote an amazon wishlist I have with over 100 products (books)

The idea is to show different selections of this +100 books on the site as follows:

A) Different selection of around 10 books in practically all posts and pages of the blog

B) Also to show all +100 products on a specific page (which would be like the “shop”) arranged in different categories.

Given that the site has a large number of posts and pages, I would also like to use a feature which would allow assigning a given selection of 10 products (books) to ALL posts and pages in ONE go (and not one by one)

Please let me know if I can do this with your plugin.

Many thanks,


Each book have to be a shortcode. Multiple ASINS (e.g.) inside ONE shortcode are not supported. You can show it anywhere on the site where you like, but i think thats not the question :)

Maybe it’s better to write me at support@amaplug.de and we can talk more about this there :)


Hello, using this plugin will I get a notification email when a product go out of stock?

Hello. Currently not included but could be a small nice Feature in later Release. Regards Kai