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Hi, This Plugin is not taking deal or sale price from the Amazon India. Its only taking the MRP or Regular Price and when we are putting in the price info manually its overwriting the price info automatically by removing the sale price and leaving the regular price. So there should be an option for manually input the price for the product. I hope the developer should take that in consideration.

Hello. You have also try the placeholders? Please let us talk if you wish in Mail. Send a email to support@amaplug.de. Regards Kai

yes i did try placeholders. Then also its automatically removing whatever price i am putting in it.

Hi guys, since 2 days, the plugin make an error 500, we don’t have change anything on the website, any idea ?

Hello. Please send a email to support@amaplug.de with more information about. Where did you get this. What does not work. Maybe a link to system. Regards

hi thr just wanna know that will the buyer be redirected to amazon or will he buy from the cart at my site.

Also do tell that is this plugin a plug n play sort loki do i need to know coding to use this plugin

Hello. There is now cart at your site with this plugin. You have some option to redirect to amazon in different ways … direct link to the product (24 houres cookie) or (e.g.) direct link to amazon cart (the user must agree to put in the product to his cart) this have a 90 das cookie.

You don’t need coding. Only if you want to customize :) Also there is a documentation in the download (FULL PACKAGE) where you can look several things.



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Hello. No update does not mean not working that’s the First fact :) Without knowing what error you have it’s difficult to help :) send a email to support@amaplug.de. Regards