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Hi, This Plugin is not taking deal or sale price from the Amazon India. Its only taking the MRP or Regular Price and when we are putting in the price info manually its overwriting the price info automatically by removing the sale price and leaving the regular price. So there should be an option for manually input the price for the product. I hope the developer should take that in consideration.

Hello. You have also try the placeholders? Please let us talk if you wish in Mail. Send a email to support@amaplug.de. Regards Kai

yes i did try placeholders. Then also its automatically removing whatever price i am putting in it.

Hi guys, since 2 days, the plugin make an error 500, we don’t have change anything on the website, any idea ?

Hello. Please send a email to support@amaplug.de with more information about. Where did you get this. What does not work. Maybe a link to system. Regards

hi thr just wanna know that will the buyer be redirected to amazon or will he buy from the cart at my site.

Also do tell that is this plugin a plug n play sort loki do i need to know coding to use this plugin

Hello. There is now cart at your site with this plugin. You have some option to redirect to amazon in different ways … direct link to the product (24 houres cookie) or (e.g.) direct link to amazon cart (the user must agree to put in the product to his cart) this have a 90 das cookie.

You don’t need coding. Only if you want to customize :) Also there is a documentation in the download (FULL PACKAGE) where you can look several things.


Hi, the list of bestsellers is wrong for the term I chose. I added “mini fridge” and it pulls items related but with no reviews, or items with 2 stars and a very high BSLR. I sell on Amazon as well and I know these parameters determine the best seller ratings. I have no idea how this plugin calculates the bestseller list but what the way it is working, it is incorrect for the product I mentioned.

Hello mxwealth,

1) try to deactivate and activate the plugin – if you don’t see any stars after that send me a mail to support@amaplug.de 2) the plugin doesn’t calculate anything for bestsellers, we use the response from the api, but 1 thing … we request we the list with the option to show/get only available items … maybe this makes the difference in your case

But anyway – you can send anytime a mail to support@amaplug.de with your problem and we can look together wat seems to be wrong :)


I’m looking for a particular function and wondering if the plugin can do it, and that would be displaying “Gifts Under $x.xx” for a given keyword. Would that be something that is possible now or in a future release?

... also is there a limit to the number of items you can retrieve for display?

Hello. Gifts Under … could be a nice feature (currently not included directly). I’ll think about it. The number of shown items can be set. You can take a look in documentation (this is included in full download here). You can still contact me via support@amaplug.de. Regards

check pop-up is difficult to click.

You could customize it by yourself if you wish :) Or you can send some feedback to support@amaplug.de and we see what we can do. Regards Kai

Hello. Thank you for this Great plugin. I get the error in Frontend: Possible mistake in configuration. – Also whenn i deactivate all Moduls, either not wenn i change the theme… always: Possible mistake in configuration. you have seen this allready? thanks

Hello and thanks first. Please send a email with more information and maybe a screenshot to support@amaplug.de. Regards Kai

Hi, pre-purchase question: it’s there any tutorial for getting the Amazon API?? I worked previously with it and the process was a completely pain…

Thanks a lot!

Hello DavidBorja, inside the package is a small tutorial about it inside the documentation. If you have problem, let me know and send a E-Mail to support@amaplug.de. Regards Kai


cece74 Purchased

Hi! I have e problem, send you email. Thank you.

I’ve reply you. Regards Kai