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Hello, Please assist me. I bought this plugin for use in a client’s site. When the plugin in activated, the sub-menu doesn’t work (somehow properties of ‘display:none’ and ‘visibility:hidden’ are applied to the sub-menus).

When I de-activate the plugin the sub-menu works normally. My site link is

Please advise as soon as you can. :stress:


Hello, Have you tried deactivating your activated plugins and test. It is not this plugin that is having any such code regarding menus. thank you

Download the update and try. thnks

I’m trying to use your plugin to filter posts on the blog homepage by category (nav menu) links (instead of actually creating a portfolio of items). I’m hoping by using the same ID’s and classes where appropriate, this will work in the same way as your demo’s.

Is there any tips/advice/pointers you can recommend to achieve what I want?

Thanks in advance.


I would like to ask you if your plugin is compatible with WPML.

Thanx in advance!

Not fully tested with wpml yet, but it is taken care during development. Thnks

I want the ability to switch between a thumbnail view and a list view exactly like this one –

Also the list view needs to be dynamic/ filterable / sortable

does your plugin allow me to do this?

Dynamic portfolio and filtering options are available. Switching view option is not available. Thank you

Can this display categories in the grid format. So when i open it displays on the photos in that category? For example I show a photo in the grid from a birthday and when you open it it shows only the photos from that birthday.

Yes. It can do exactly same thing. Plus much more. Thank you

Hi I just bought the plugin but giving me an error can you please help what is the matter ?

hi just about to purchase. i want to use this style:

can i add a woocommerce products using short code to the overlay?

thank you

Woocommerce is not supported in this plugin. For woocommerce try similar plugin called Ultra portfolio. Here is the link:

Thank you

Have a pagination ?

Nope. Thank you

Hey, great plugin, love it! I get 2 problem: 1. when I load my image it’s not focus and look bad, why that happen? 2. Can the tag filter shape be square and not circle? thank you!

1. Can’t understand what you mean. Please provide screenshot. 2. Yes you can do it from CSS style tab in edit portfolio

Thank you

1. give a look in this line to see what I mean 2. where in the CSS, I looking for this and not find :/

This plugin looks great. I just purchased over the weekend and tried to install today but get the following message:

“The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

I have attempted several times. Please assist. Thanks.

You need to unzip the package and find the right plugin file. Read the documentation in the package for uploading. thank you

hello dose this plugin work with wordpress posts and categories ?

Can I have an external link inside a lightbox with your plugin? Thank you.

If yes, where can I see that on the demo? And a shortcode inside a lightbox, can I have it as well? Thank you.

Can I have the whole item being the link instead of just that icon? Tks.

Can I see your backend? Where are the credentials? Thank you!

can this portfolio plugin look like a masonry type of layout with filterable category options on the top?


jesuskj Purchased

Hi, how can i sort the items in one portfolio?