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Hi, I buy this version in mistake…

I want buy android version…. is posible change this product to android version?

You will need to contact Envato Support for this.
Soon we will upload new code of Amazing Pixel Android Version with Multiple Character.

OK, thanks…

You welcome.

Why 3 Remove Ads inAp purchase is used ? 0.99$, 1.99$, 2.99$ ???

Like this you have chance to earn more from IAP as you never now how much people will spend if they liked you game.

As they purchase IAP all of them will disappear.

Apple will reject if we use 3 inAp for same purpose. All 3 removes ads on purchase right? Anything different in features ?

If you check our game, it have 3 IAP for Remove Ads.

And if you would like to have only one IAP let us now, and we will assist you in that.

Where to change inAp purchase Ids ?

Everything is explained in description file.

My programmer has just told me this:

Its fully encrypted code. I mean developer not sent all code. They added static library…so we can’t customise. And please ask developer to remove all remove ads inApp and send code without inApp purchase. Because now code is locked in static library, I can’t control inApp purchase. I added new ads call…but not able to remove ads on no ads purchase.

So until we get this, the code is pretty much useless for us.

Hi, code is set only for version which you buy, in you case IOS version.

And for programmer, you can always contact us for any assistance of code that you need.
We will be glad to assist you in making you code publish.

yes….we are wanting to do i only for iOS. It is not editable. We can not change out any of the SDK, we can not remove the 3 IAPs as the code is LOCKED. Please unlock so we can actually use it.

For SDK – any new update if SDK of Advertisement Networks we making new update of code.

For IAP – we still do not understand how you, or why you want to remove IAP.

If you require code without Ads inside and without IAP just let us now and we will make it for you.

Hi Seller, reading the comment from above on other buyers, what do they mean by this code is locked? Also, updating SDK for ads is a very simple thing and I can do it myself. For example, I want to update Chartboost SDK myself, does that mean I need to come back to you for that? Also, after buying your code, I will have my developer to start doing some customisation. Does that mean this code is locked and cannot be edited? Please provide some explanation. Thank you.

Hi there,
Code is not locked in any way, and all of SDK is easy to update, you just change them in lib folder.

Code is made in Cocos2D-X and exported to IOS version.
For customization is easy to make if you now Cocos coding.
You can always contact us regarding code, and we will be glad to assist you.

Your app on the app store has the option to watch video ads for reward points is that possible to do with this source code?

Already Reply.

Hi Dulisa1, I bought Amazing Pixel and if I try to buy removing the ads, then I can buy in the sandbox, but the restore button don´t appear later. How can it be fixed? Regards,

Hi Dulisa1, I see the regular and extended license. If I buy the extended license, the in app features for purchases are allowed? I mean it works? The can I get the discount becuase I bought the regular license? Regards

Hi, by Envato Rules if you want to use IAP or make Paid App you will need to but Extended License.
For discount you will need to contact Envato Support Team.

Hi Jorge_Martin if you could contact us thought our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.