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project was error to eclipse . i can not export


no I am angry

why not help me ?

Hi I am in vacation need some time. Thanks

support android studio?

nevermind its for eclipse only

Ya for eclipse it is.

plz the project was error with eclipse http://picup.ir/images/mxuzinu8n6pxvpuhlri6.jpg what s the solution

i need help plz

Hi Can we add Text over the image.

No I can make it for u with extra charges. Mail me

plz the project was error with eclipse http://picup.ir/images/mxuzinu8n6pxvpuhlri6.jpg what s the solution

Updated my source code. Please download it will be approve within 2 3 days. Thanks,

There are many errors in this system seller says can be used in the Eclipse, but shows a lot of programming errors contact the seller does not have a response there are a lot of problems

I do not buy this system


It seems you didn’t added Google play service. Thanks

Where can it be this addendum ?

Updated my source code. Please download it will be approve within 2 3 days. Thanks,

I just bought the code how ever right now I have installed android studio since ecilipse is no longer supported and tried to import the code and it is giving error. please help in fixing this

error code states java.io.IOException: The filename, directory name, or volume label is incorrect

What changes you made ?? I have to check code

Hello, Can I use more than 2 pictures, 3 or 4 in the same frame?

Yes you can. Thanks

no resource identifier found for attribute ‘adsize’........ how fix¿¿.......

Hello, I have just updated my code. You will get updated code in 2 days. Thanks,

how add more frames?

Just put it on the image array in java file and put images in drawable folder. Thanks,

Actually I seen your applications in your play store account, I required Photo Frame Collage, Photo Collage Frame and how much cost for those applications please once confirm to me and we will discuss the price. once check your mail I’m already sent the request this is my whatsapp contact no : +919177669393

Which one ?

pls update to Android 7… i will purchase

Okay I will update. Thanks.

hello plz i want apk demo i like your code and i want to reskin it ?

Sure I will send you soon. Thanks

Please get it from description box. Thanks

can you send me android studio source code that generate app like your demo apk? thanks.

I sent you right one. Please check. Thanks,

Oke Teju, thanks.

Who is this ? Pm me. Thanks.

i m getting error when i generating signed Apk…

is this project support Android 7?

Error:unknown option:—min-sdk-version Error:usage: Error: dx -dex -verbose">-debug -positions=<style> Error: -statistics">-no-optimize [-[no]optimize-list=<file>] [—no-strict] Error: -output=<file>">-keep-classes -dump-width=<n>">-dump-to=<file> Error: [-dump-method=<name>[*]] -no-files">-verbose-dump [-core-library] Error: -incremental">-num-threads=<n> -no-warning">-force-jumbo Error: [-multi-dex [-main-dex-list=<file> [—minimal-main-dex]] Error: [—input-list=<file>] Error: [<file>.class | <file>.{zip,jar,apk} | <directory>] ... Error: Convert a set of classfiles into a dex file, optionally embedded in a Error: jar/zip. Output name must end with one of: .dex .jar .zip .apk or be a directory. Error: Positions options: none, important, lines. Error: —multi-dex: allows to generate several dex files if needed. This option is Error: exclusive with—incremental, causes—num-threads to be ignored and only Error: supports folder or archive output. Error: —main-dex-list=<file>: <file> is a list of class file names, classes defined by Error: those class files are put in classes.dex. Error: —minimal-main-dex: only classes selected by—main-dex-list are to be put in Error: the main dex. Error: —input-list: <file> is a list of inputs. Error: Each line in <file> must end with one of: .class .jar .zip .apk or be a directory. Error: dx -annotool—annotation=<class> [-element=<element types>] Error: [—print=<print types>] Error: dx -dump -strict">-debug -bytes Error: -ssa-step=<step>">-basic-blocks |—rop-blocks |—ssa-blocks |—dot Error: —width=<n> ... Error: Dump classfiles, or transformations thereof, in a human-oriented format. Error: dx—find-usages <file.dex> <declaring type> <member> Error: Find references and declarations to a field or method. Error: declaring type: a class name in internal form, like Ljava/lang/Object; Error: member: a field or method name, like hashCode Error: dx -J<option> ... <arguments, in one of the above forms> Error: Pass VM-specific options to the virtual machine that runs dx. Error: dx—version Error: Print the version of this tool (1.12). Error: dx—help Error: Print this message. Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:transformClassesWithDexForRelease’. > com.android.build.api.transform.TransformException: com.android.ide.common.process.ProcessException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.android.ide.common.process.ProcessException: Error while executing java process with main class com.android.dx.command.Main with arguments {—dex—num-threads=4—multi-dex—main-dex-list H:\PhotoCollageNew\app\build\intermediates\multi-dex\release\maindexlist.txt—output H:\PhotoCollageNew\app\build\intermediates\transforms\dex\release\0—min-sdk-version 19 H:\PhotoCollageNew\app\build\intermediates\transforms\jarMerging\release\0.jar}

pls fix it ASAP. Its urgent..

Please clean the project and try again. I have mailed you. Thanks.

Hi, im interested on buy this app. I have tried the demo application, but it does not seem to work correctly. I put a photo in the first strip but when I open the other one, the first one I select is removed. Why? you have any updated app ?

Please mail me screenshot at codeagent0@gmail.com