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looks cool, good job

got it! Theres an icon for Portuguese language there clicking on which does nothing. How to add/change the language or remove the icon?

it worked when i used the installer.

got the email. Great support ! thank you.

thank you

Can this be installed in a folder/sub-folder like “” or only in the root of a domain?

yup you can change the word “facts” side wide easily from the view files. Unfortunately users cannot attach/embed images/vidoes for now. May be I will add this feature in future.

Thank you

Great, please let me know as soon as you add the attach/embed images/vidoes feature that I can buy it.

well not possible in near future as I am working on some other scripts these days, like and another one which is for codecanyon

thank you

I actually bought all your scripts and they work great except for the FACTS one. I’m getting this error on /facts/index.php/facts

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in /home/removed/public_html/facts/protected/controllers/ItemController.php on line 135

I can fix some of it replacing :: with -> but that creates additional problems. I noticed the code is different in this section on the other scripts. Any ideas?

No problem. With most of the hosting providers changing the version of PHP is just a matter of .htaccess file. You may ask your hosting providers for that.

Wow, that was a simple fix.. didn’t even think about that. I just added this to htaccess AddHandler application/x-httpd-php53 .php it works fine now.. Thanks

no problem

Hi There

What does this come with ?

All php files, sql database etc etc ?


yes it comes with all php files and sql

thank you

Your scripts are stopping me to think about to purchase, Can you Add more skins fro some of your scripts, because all are seems to be same. and one more, if add all scripts features except qr code, and make it as one single entity, I’ll be great.


Not found config.php file as mentioned in the instruction.

There is no config.php fie. The instructions says to run install.php file which will generate the config.php file for you automatically.

thank you


Thanks , its working.

But now facing another problem

I shared a fact on the facebook, and when click on the link (facebookpage) the fact is not opening.

Plz review.


please send me details via email

thank you for notifying. The issue has been resolved.

I try to login as admin and the message “Incorrect username or password” is always appearing. I’m sure that i use the correct password. I created a new user through register process with the same password with admin. I can login with this user, but when i make him admin through database (is_admin=1) i can’t. Could you please help me?