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Can I publish with your great add-on events in the near future on f.e. a homepage? Thanks and have a nice day!

1. Will this plug-in work with most current version of Wordpress 2. Does this allow me to only update one post but not effect any of the others. Essentially I want one post that uses a custom post-type to be updated every time I post so that post stays at the top of the list each time.

I have purchased this plugin for my coupon website. My Website is based on clipper app theme. Plugin is working for blog posts only, It is not updating published coupons dates. is there any solution for this?


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the plugin works fine with blog post’s (single.php). But it doesn’t work on pages (page.php)? Is that right? Is there a way to change it?

Thanks Dirk

does this work with custom post types?

The Plugin is saying that it will update all other recent posts when tick. But the issue is that it is updating all other posts but it using very first posts as most second recent one.

i,e, if my blog has 4 posts

1) 1 – April – 2017 2) 1 – Feb – 2017 3) 1 – Jan – 2017 4) 1 – Dec – 2016

When I make first tick on (Check this box to automatically update the most recent blog post’s published date with the date specified below. to 1 Day) It make first post date = Yesterday

When I make second tick on (Check this box to automatically update all of the other most recent blog posts published date using the interval specified below. ). It is bring very first post i.e the 4th one to 2nd position and then 3rd one and then 2nd one after that.

Please help me about it. Sequence is exactly opposite.