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What exactly does this do? Is it just a few circles or is there animation that occurs when you click the button.

Hello myoffices. It’s an animated menu. Icons show from the left side to the right one. You are able to adjust the duration of animation and different items’ settings (like size, angle and the distance from center element).

Hello ALoginov,

I was wondering if you would be able to tell me if this product allowed you to have more than 4 icons ? As i wanted to use this as a full circle type of feature for my application! Please get back to me as soon as you can,


Hello Harrison!

You can add as many circles as you wish, you just have to adjust some parameters like item size or angle.

Test code provides five roulette items. If you add another four you will get a nice full circle (You don’t even need to change parameters).

Best, Artem Loginov

Alright thank you! This will be very useful! Will you be able to provide support if i was to need help

Hi, how can we implement the code? I can’t seem to find the pdf file with the step by step instruction. Thank you.

Hi patrickshua. Implementation is quite simple. Basic view controller has commented steps in it. As you can see, there are just 4 of them: import file, define protocol, create frame, create items.

You are right. I forgot to add pdf file to the archive. I will update this item and it will be approved soon. If you want to get the pdf right now, please write me an email using the message box on the right side at my profile screen.

Big thanks for buying ALRouletteView! Artem Loginov.

Patrickshua, update has been approved. Pdf is in the archive.

Thank you for the reply. Let me download it again.

Please add a Swift version of this so that it remains current.

Awesome work. Congrats. Good luck with sale