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Nice Job! GLWS! ;)

is this GP service or admob?

GP Service….

Hello Sir,

you can download apk through following link..

Thanks VIshal Parmar

Did this app works offline ?

Yes,This works offline

Is it possible to make this application works only online ?

Yes it is possible.Contact on Skype:viaviwebtech

little change in the language or not arabe;france;espagn :)

Yes it is possible

Is this app done by eclipse? :)

Hey can you send me them codecanyon screenshots of this game to my email please? I can’t make screenshots on my phone :(

Hi sir, you can directly save the screen-shot from here :

Thanks, just thought id ask :)

I can edit the audio?

yes, but must have knowledge of eclipse..

we can make 32 letters for examples for another language

Yes you can do this

good work , I’m completely newbie , so I want you publish the item from my Google account with of-course (adMob) feature , so what does it cost ?

Thanks Skype : viaviwebtech

after testing app, on the Alphabet section, after Z, it crashes.. is this fixed before i purchase?

we will check it.

I has been replace admob code, but ads not appear, please help.

Sir , i have told you please check your admob id, there is some problem there.

check , admob ads still not appear

Sir, i have given you our id which is our default, you can use that and see its working fine. If with your id its not working then there is some issues in your device / play service or there will be some issues with admob in your country.

I’m a Android Studio beginner then do you have any advise for me when import project?

This is Eclipse Base Project
Contact on support skype.

Skype : support.viaviweb or viaviwebtech

how can i Save an Alphabet Images ?

have you purchased the application code ?

hi can u please send me high resolution icon image size 512×512. thx please email me at

Skype ID: support.viaviweb

I have added you please come online and help me. thanks

We are online sir, just give us ping from your skype

i like this app i have few question before i make purchase.
1. your demo app crashes sometime. why?
2. can we remove those ads.
3. i have many categories , and in each categories there will be atleast 4 files. how many categories I can make
4. can i add my own images and sound.
5. you have ios app too, for that does it require mac pc to work on..

please reply asap, need to start the project.

Thanks for your interest on our product, with customize it’s possible and for more information contact on skype: support.viaviweb

HI, what is a startapp id? I can’t find it.

Thanks for purchase our app. Please read document file all instruction given on that about Statapp ID..

Thanks for your answer

Hi When i open the code on Android studio I find 3 files : Alphabet | Alphabet StartApp | Alphabet Admob Me i need just Alphabet with admob

Thanks for purchase our app. If you want only Alphabet with admob then import only that code and other code remove.

I dropped the app to google play and they suspended it. I don’t know why !!!

I think you not follow google play store policy. Maybe you was use some copyright data like images or content. Google play store have no issue with source code, they have issue with copyright content.

hi it have intesrtitial admob ?

Yes, It’s available.

You have update release date?

Hi, We can’t give any fix time or date for update. It will update.

demo apk has an error . not installing

Hi, We update demo apk and code. You can check.