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Can I change the sound (the letters) with my own language?

Yes, you can easily replace the sounds with your preferred ones.

is possible to edit the character, clouds and the background with my own?

You can edit character and clouds. But background is just simple color (not an image) and you can change its color.

With the regular license is it allowed to make an alphabetgame ánd a numergame on the same domein?


For issues relating to license, it is better to see codecanyon rules and descriptions about licenses. You see them at this link: http://codecanyon.net/licenses

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I found that the game doesn’t have sound on iPad safari. Is there a version that has sound working on iPad?

Hi, We couldn’t test it on iPad, but it works fine on windows safari. It may work properly if you use another version of safari.

hello, this looks great. Can I import this into Game Maker Studio? Did yo make it with Game Maker? If so, does it come with the game maker studio file to import?

Hi and sorry for answering late, Unfortunately our programmers won’t give us the project file, so we can’t give it to you. Also if you need quick answers, it is better to send your questions via our mail, because sometimes we forget to check codecanyon.

PRE SALE QUESTION – what kind of difficulty is being increased per level? Thank you.

Thank you for the quick response! Now an after sales question :D I want to replace letters with words. In most cases words are small enough to fit in the mapped png. What is there that i could do though, in the case i want to make it bigger (and thus fit bigger words in the cloud/place of letters)? Any pointers would be highly appreciated!!!

+ is there anyway we can get this in php? i would pay double for it :D

Hi again and thank you for your purchase,

Unfortunately making a php version isn’t possible for us.

But about replacing the letters, it is possible and there are some ways for editing it. Email us so that we can give you more information about these methods there.

The game ROCKED after all but the HUGE support from the guys could not be left unmentioned either. Maybe you can get an idea here http://goo.gl/Sc11Dq

PS: We managed to increase the difficulty logically instead – e.g. repeating (kind of randomly) twice / thrice words starting from the same letter.

Thank you for your comment and Google Plus post!

Supporting our clients is one of our duties and we are happy that you were satisfied with our support.

Also we hope you success in your current project related to kids with ADHD.

hi, great game! Love it!

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be responsive ??? Is GAME MAKER STUDIO project file inclued ?

Hi there,

The game’s project file is not included in the package by default. But we can email it to you after you have purchased it.

hi, thank you for the answer :-)

the game does not seem to be responsive? works on my smartphone, but it’s hard to play (the game is not resized properly) can you fix this problem?

Really sorry for the delay. We can send you a responsive version after you have purchased it. Just email us whenever you have purchased it and we will send it to you.