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Hello! Please contact me regarding the complete solution including the backend.

Email: renfreire@hotmail.com Skype: renfreire


hi question how does this app work do i need a different app for drivers how does the customers pay ? does it come with a back end went people use the app how does it know that there is a driver near by ? please let me know my email is jairondeleon@gmail.com

is that ionic 2 ?

I can not get in to see the administration panel and not download the apk demo. I have the option of putting in Portuguese of Brazil?

can you give info about full version?

Also another question, does the app is the same for passenger and driver, or separated?

hi, i have purchased it and found an issue, when we view in mobile, if we type some address in point a field and select any result from autocomplete drop down it is not filling the extbox. if we hold touch on search result it is coming coorectly. can u suggest what i need to change to make it work with simple touch.

i am viewing http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/alotaxi-mobile-app-template/full_screen_preview/12421560 here in my mobile.

This is just a template with hardcoded geolocation data

This is not application. Just template,

alotaxi.factory(‘pickUpPlace’, function() { pickUpPlace = {}; pickUpPlace.to = { formatted_address: ‘88 Baxter Street’ }; pickUpPlace.from = { formatted_address: ‘Center Market Street’ }; pickUpPlace.other01 = { formatted_address: [46.7280616 , -74.007204] }; pickUpPlace.other02 = { formatted_address: [42.7280616 , -83.007204] }; pickUpPlace.other03 = { formatted_address: [43.7280616 , -70.007204] }; pickUpPlace.other04 = { formatted_address: [44.7280616 , -93.007204] }; pickUpPlace.other05 = { formatted_address: [45.7280616 , -63.007204] }; pickUpPlace.deliver = { “name”: “John”, “place”: “60 Baxter Street”, “placePosition”: [40.7280616 , -74.007204], “time”: “10’’”, “timePosition”: [40.7173288, -73.99946879999999], “long”: “~2km”, }; return pickUpPlace; });

any update coming. love to buy if update are on the way

can I use this for transport track hailing? Your backend link does not work.

You have Alo Taxi in ionic 2 or 3 ?

it seems from comments there is no documentation for this app how to install etc. the author assume that every body who buys the app is a programmer.


slay3r Purchased

Hi, Can you please contact me for a complete Version… maimona@outlook.com

i want to ask its full application or just template

Hello, do you have the option to leave everything working with payment via paypal (credit card) notifications and everything running iOS and Android from this app? No bugs and perfect for use and installed on our server? If yes, what is the deadline and what is your skype?

I want to make an app where I register the taxi and the customer in the street will be able to call the taxi driver and see where he is in real time? can I do this with this application? Is it similar to UBER? contato@agenciawebcriativa.com.br

Will I have to prepare any more after purchasing this app for your business?