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this is great! any chance to have to for android too? need both thx

Hi venturenet!

I do not develop for android platform.

this is great!

Is this for swift project? not objective-c ?

Thank you

Hi wwwtech!

Version 1.0 is in Objective-C. I’m working on some visual elements right now and later I’ll create a version in Swift language with test project. Stay tuned! :)

Regards, Artem Loginov.

Hi wwwtech! Swift version is now available. Artem.

Yeah that’s the big problem with Swift vs. Objective-C right now. I wish there was just one language. Everyone is going Swift it seems, so I’ll wait for the Swift version. Looks great though!!

Hi jimatwood. Swift version will be less than in a week. Thanks for visiting!

Hi jimatwood! Swift version is now available. Artem.

Availble in swift yet?

Hello dancingbush.

ALOptionTabBarController is not yet available in Swift. Version 1.1 will be available next week. It will contain Swift version and a test project.

Regards, Artem Loginov.

Hi dansingbush! Swift version is now available. Artem.

Does this have a PSD included for the design of it?

Hi meDevelopment,

No, there is no any complex design elements. Just a pack of icons. All other stuff is just a calayer properties set in code. Artem.

Excited to try this out. Thanks!