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Does this shortcode plugin work with Visual Composer?

Can support 3.7.1?

If the conflicts and themes

Can help solve it?

Is there a way to ensure that an image shown within a tab doesn’t go out of the edges of the box?

You can see what I mean here:

Click ony of the ‘Code’ tabs to see the image


Thanks for your purchase!

Add this at the end of your theme’s style.css:

300×250_style1-1.ltt-slider-ver-content { height: 300px !impportant; }

Thank you,

Thanks. I don’t see it above, but I did get the code in the e-mail reply from this

Hiya, Before I purchase this great looking plugin I have a few questions

1. I use another shortcode plugin at this moment for my site, do I have to remove this one? 2. I am not all to familiar with CSS etc. but the requirements which I need to use this plugin, are the Footer and Header in the Wordpress files?? I took a quick look and it seems that my wordpress version is suitable for this plugin.

Hope I can use this one. It looks absolutely great!


1. no you don’t have to remove old plugin. 2. Yes, nowadays all themes have the functions.


Hmmmm….This morning I purchased this plugin and I asked if I need to remove my previous shortcode plugin. The answer was no. So I didn’t. But now there is advertisment popping up all over my site!!! WTF!!!

I’ll try to get rid of these popups where there used to be nice shortcodes before I bought this one. I have almost 80 pages on my site so I need to do a lot of work now :)

I really hope it will work after deactiving my old plugins.

Second question. Where is the shortcode to get the protected area form?? Can’t find this one.

Not happy at all at this moment…....

It seems that my browser is hijacked by something called nav-links :( it is not working properly now but I’m working on it. But the question remains: where can I find the shortcode for the protected area from. Sigh…I feel so dumb today. It is a great plugin though :)

OK. Everything is going great except for the Form to a restrictive area and 2 other thingies pops up.

1. Where can I find the shortcode to make a restrictive area 2. My pulldown menu is not working anymor 3. On my posts my name is mentioned twice where only 1 time is required.

Hope you can help me with this. Everything worked fine this morning. That my browser was hijacked was just a coincidence.

I give up. After deactivating your plugin my site is working the way it was before installing it. I’m sorry but I will no longer use this plugin.


after installed and activated your plugin all my JS-element on website was broken. Deactivated the plugin yet and everything is fine again. This is my website: Any idea which file(s) conflicts with yours?

No customer support? @carinboshuisen

Hello, the plugin is being re-coded.

@lizatom: You mean I have bought your plugin but it’s not usable? When do you plan to finish re-codeing and when can we download the update?

@lizatom, what do you mean being re-coded? Does this mean we’re going to get an update?

Suddenly this plugin is not compatible anymore with WP-Polls. The polls are displayed, but my users are not able to vote or see the results anymore.

What can I do to fix this?

Fix’d. Never mind.

Hey I just purchased this plugin but it appears to not be compatible with the theme I am already using for my site. The theme I am using is called ‘weekly’ and at the bottom of the page there is all the current posts in a picture wall, and that will no longer load with this plugin installed (works as soon as I deactivate this, and this is one of the only pluggins I have installed). Any help would be appreciated.

Please close your add-to-cart button for this plugin.

Is there any ETA when will this get updated?

Hi, can the dropcaps be displayed to the right? (for right to left languages?) thanks


yes, by adding this into your theme’s style.css you can use dropcaps in RTL text.

.dropcap { float: right; }

I started using this plugin on a clients website when it pretty well first came out. So I am wondering:
Can you please tell me what the latest version is of this plugin, when it was last updated and if and when there will be updates in the future.
Thanks in anticipation.


Thanks for your purchase! The plugin will be fully re-coded into a Shortcodes Master add-on . That should be ready within a few weeks.

Hello, is this plugin still being developed/supported? Is it compatible with the latest Worpress? I find it the very best of all, but ii seems abandoned?

Hello. There will be a new version with new features out soon.

Impressive to see a new and improved version :)

Yes, I know, it took some time. Soon we’ll start presenting a link to the new support forum. Things will go much smoother and your purchase will be really worth the money you spent for it. I apologize for the frustration from not updating the plugin for so long time :) Tom

Well Hello. Great that this Plugin has been updated, as I’ve been using it pretty well since it was released. Are you able to update the Changelog on the front page to indicate what has been added/changed. And, what additions are planned, and when. Thanks.

Hello, thanks for your purchase! I’ve updated the description, software compatibility and browsers but for some reason it doesn’t show up after approval. I’ve already contacted CC support. I plan adding elements like color maps, counters, some nice service boxes with animation effect or animated portfolio. Do you have any ideas?


I have purchased your plugin few hours ago, I can not make any shortcode working even I followed your instructions concerning header.php and footer.php.

Do I need to purchase an other plugin ?

I get the following message :

Please install and activate latest version of Shortcodes Master to use it’s addon All-In-One Shortcodes.

Thanks for your help


thanks for your purchase!

Please follow these instructions The new description on the plugin’s page is still waiting for approval by CC staff. Tom


thanks for your purchase!

Please follow these instructions The new description on the plugin’s page is still waiting for approval by CC staff. Tom

OK, perfect.

It is working fine now

Thank you