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In Safari it’s not realistic.

which safari version are you using? and what problem are you facing?

1. Safari Issue: Safari 5.1.7 for me and it doesn’t look as good as expected.

2. Could this be used as a count-up counter and where the spaces are between the numbers, a comma be inserted, like so:




We want to show how many users as the user base grows. So, no date or time, just a counter, counting up.



its a timer package, it is coded for increment according to time.

if you want , I can create a counter for you.

if interested , mail me.


Hi there great item!! How easy is to make the whole countdown smaller??

Thanks Joe


thanks a lot for appreciation.

how much you want to make it small?

If i can make it half the size that would be great, also im having trouble get it to work on my website comes up this:







Any suggestions where im going wrong?

My email is joe@kituout.com if need to email me

Thank again


The program works good with my project. Can you give a sample code where I can redirect to a certain url after the countdown ends?


thanks for purchasing my product.

have you read the pdf files in “READ ME” folder included in the package?

it have a description for it.

if you still get some problems. give me you email id. I will give you a sample html code


Hello Sir.

I read the read me files and still can’t figure out how to make it work. can you give me a sample code? My email is abe.martin@gmail.com Thanks!

I’m so so good in coding. Coul I install this one as every or wordpress plug-ins or I need to add smth in html? And does it support Russian language? Thank you! Inspiration to you! =)


sorry, I don’t have any experience with wordpress plugins.


What if I wanted this to do something like meals served this year with setting similar too: var START _DATE = new Date(“January 01, 2012 00:00:01”); // put in the starting date here

var INTERVAL = 59; // in seconds

var INCREMENT = 1; // increase per tick

var START _VALUE = 0; // initial value when it’s the start date

Can this keep count like this or will output on this always be time countup instead of a number like 400,000?


you need to edit countup timer for that.


I would also like to make the whole countdown smaller – half its size now …

Please advise

I have made a new smaller image with the PSD, can you please tell me which values to change in the CSS


please give me the new size of images.

You show an Auto Reset option on your description

Auto reset Daily Auto reset Weekly

Not sure what you mean by this. Please explain, because it might allow me to do what I need

I’m looking for a Product Launch perpectual countdown script that allows each visitor to start with the Same Total amount of time left

Example: 23 hours 56 Minutes to the script finish

Drops a cookie or collects IP address so if the visitor leaves page and returns, the Countdown resumes at proper point

I don’t need Ending Date and Time


daily and weekly timer will calculate time according to time zone.

the time to which the clock will countdown will be at fixed timezone. the timezone is selected by you. e.g. you want the time to countdown in GMT just add zone:0.00

for the user, the time will automatically adjusted according to his time zone. e.g. if he is at GMT + 2:00. he will see 2 hours more than the user on GMT.


Hi, I need something that will not reset on Web page refresh – so if a visitor refreshes the page or visits the Website 30 minutes later, the counter is still counting down to zero, the timer will not need to start all over again. Can this do that?

Can resize the height and with of the timer image? thanks

hi, date to countdown is fixed. I think whether the user come anytime, he will see the same thing. or am I wrong?

Hi, I have the same problem of Morfi, with Safari 6.0.2, Chrome 31 and Firefox 21, on Mac OS. I need to fix it as soon as possible, thanks in advance

hi, can you please tell me the problem in detail . I will solve it.

Hi , I have a problem with the countup. It’s not counting up and just showing 1 in all the the count fields. I have it in a sub-folder and all other folders are in the same sub-folder. Do I need to put the js / css / images folders in the main folder?

Thanks for any help

can you show me the link to it on your site?

I will re-install script in next day or two and send you the link

Hello, I am a recent first-time patron. I am not tech savvy. I do not have an html file/code and I wish to have the countdown timer displayed on all of my social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Please advise. Is there anything offered, for the amateurs/beginners, that explains and provide in comprehensive and insightful terms, fundamental and concise instruction I am at a lost on how to proceed to achieve the end result aforementioned.

Does this work from code on the page or does it need to call code from other pages? e.g. .js files Also, can we set the size of the countdown image? Thanks.

WOW! Amazing!