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TC3 Purchased

Hi there, what’s the deal with the new version? It requires vafpress-framework-plugin? (not included). When I install Vafpress from Github it spits a bunch of errors. I had to revert to the previous version of your plugin…

Hi TC3, 

Vafpress is included since the first version of the plugin. In an earlier version Vafpress was loaded automatically, but we thought it would be more transparent and better to not directly include it and let user separatly install it.

Nonetheless, it would be very helpful, if you can send us more information about the errors and your current configuration. Please use the contact form for this.  




Hi Scrobbleme,

I cant find the option to use clickable image backgrounds in your description. Is this feature included by any chance?

Please let me know.

Best regards,


Hi Vangodloose,

Thanks for your interest. 

This is currently not a feature. I will take it on our list, but it will be definitly not on our current road map.

The easiest way around this, is to just create <a> tag, resize it and apply the background on this.



Pre purchase question, when you say improved theme compatibility, are you enqueuing the stylesheets directly? As in I can simply dequeue them by their ID’s or do I have to go in and find it? Same goes for the JS handles. Also, is there a fade in option for the background image? Thanks.

Hi Jrothrock14

  • We had some problems with other themes, which also use TGM, this was greatly improved.
  • The base libs and css are enqueued, but the configured one are mostly directly written as script or styles (you may have a look at the lite version, which is mostly the same)
  • There currently is not fade in option for the background. It is a nice idea, I will put on our list.



I’ve purchased the pro but it will not install.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare fpbg_value() (previously declared in /home/content/69/3973669/html/honest/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-custom-backgrounds-lite/all-in-one-custom-backgrounds-lite.php:272) in /home/content/69/3973669/html/honest/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-custom-backgrounds/all-in-one-custom-backgrounds.php on line 375

Hi Evilerk,

Just delete the lite variant before.


Hi , I like your lite version , but when I see the pro version I love it more and more , I have small problem when I use your script ( lite ) , my site is ajax , when I change my background color , it never change , I must call function , and make the content reload after ajax complete .

can you give that code please ??!!

When I said ( it never change ) I mean it doesn’t change when I move from page to another , the same color stick on all pages or posts , I think you understand me ..

Hello Himyar,

Yeah, that’s a problem of the Ajax-Loading of your pages. I’m not sure if this is possible to easily be solved, but the following might work:

  1. With the pro version you can create multiple backgrounds per page
  2. Create a background group
    1. Within the group, create a background for each “sites” layer
    2. Assign this group as default global group or at every page
  3. Use this on all pages

You may also send me some information about your site and the theme you are using, so I may have a better look, if this is generally possible. You can use the contact form to do it privately.



Hi, This looks like a great plugin. Do you think it would work smoothly with this theme http://bit.ly/1LelLQX FUZE – Creative Fullscreen Block Theme (theme based on Themeforest)?


Hi Nsoyki, 

Generally it should work (mot problems are CSS related), but you may just try the Lite variant first: https://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-custom-backgrounds-lite/



Ah, cool I didn’t know there was a lite version, I’ll give that a go first. Thanks

Hi can you tell me if you plugin allows to you specify individual images / videos on different pages / posts?.

And does the plugin have an option to put an ‘overlay’ over the image / video?


Ah, okay.

Yes generally you can do this. You can add as many background images, colors .. as you want. 


  1. Add one for the background
  2. Add a second with your overlay image

Having researched this I have used the wrong terminology, I am referring to a ‘Pattern Overlay’ that is placed over and image or Video, so your one does support this feature?

I think so :)

You can send me private message using the contact form, than I can create an account at a private test system, so you can play around with the plugin.

Hi I would love to buy your plugin, I’m trying to set a different background image for when people load my site on mobile, is this possible with the pro version? Also does it support image overlays? like a grid or scan lines that overlay the image? many thanks

Hello awa303,

With the pro version you would able to set different images for different devices.

Using an overlay is possible, but quite complicated, as this is not a feature, we directly support.

hello sir, will background override my wp footer of my theme? my footer looks like this page’s footer. thanks..

Hello dshoaib,

Yes and No ;)

It really depends and is hard to say. Generally you can just set a CSS selector on which container it will use for setting the background. So if you use your footers selector, it will. Feel free to try the lite variant first.




hi Adrian thanks very much. one more question..is it possible to set a BG for the home page and that stays no matter what post you open.kind of old style BG. thanks..

With the pro version you will be able to set a “default” background, which is used on all pages and posts. You can just change the default for specific pages.

Hi there this plug-in works great for an image, but when I add a Youtube video I am unable to click on my gallaries or menus etc – it looks great apart for that :)

Can you please offer any advice?

Thank you Steve

Hello Steve,

Can you please send me a link to a sample page? (use the contact form). It might only be a CSS glitch with your current theme.



Hi there, is there a possibillity to add custom controls to the bg video playlist? Like next video and sound for example?

Hi Codeigniter,

Unfortunately it is currently not possible.

Have an issue with this plugin on Chrome. Added a Vimeo video, it plays ok on the home page, but when a user clicks on another link and then uses the back button it comes up as a frozen video and does not begin to play.

This needs to be fixed because it looks pretty bad for someone browsing the site. If anything I will have to remove the video on my home page, but this was the main reason I purchased this plugin in the first place!

Hope it can be fixed.


We’ve received your email as well and will look into it.



why the plugin show the message: Background video type only working in conjunvtion with “body” selector? Im trying to assign a video to a specific ID Div.

Hello rrascon,

For videos it is currently not possible. We already plan this feature, but still have no release date yet. 



hi is what a user can customize their own page for crowdfunnding site? need to use on theme Fundingpress.

Hello Koureissi,

I’m not sure if it will work.

Maybe you can try out the lite version and report back. If this works the premium version should work as well.



Hi is it possible to switch off the full screen background on mobiles and ipads, only showing them of computers please? As they would not be seen am I right in saying that it will use less resources on these devices if they are switched off?

Also does it allow you to add an overlay image to the background?

Generally yes. The longer an animation, the more processing power is needed ;)


Whats the recommended image size for full screen background with your plugin please?

As large as possible.

But nowadays maybe about 2000 till 3000px wide

how to turn on the mobile feature so the background video can be viewed on mobile devices


Unfortunately videos are not suppported on mobile device by purpose. As a background this generally isn’t good, as it mostly isn’t seen anyway and still has to be downloaded.



Is it possible to use a image overlay?

Hello draven6666,

What do you mean? Do you have an example?