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Is there any possibility that if i want to change its design according to my requirements ? also can i change its background from solid to transparent ? please let me know. Thanks

Hi dgapscom, If you have skills in PHP and MySQL this is possible.

Hi dgapscom, please read better “responsive slider”.

ok, then i am making its admin panel also to set everything dynamically. Also I need to make it responsive now. I will let you know once i made it. Thanks for quick response :)

Hello, beautiful script, almost perfect. I believe making it responsive would be a great plus (almost double its value) and it can be done at little cost. Please keep up good work!

Hi cleoni, Thanks for the nice words, I’m glad you’re happy. I hope the next update I could do it. Best regards. :)

I’ll buy this as soon you made it responsive!


ad blocks working now fine. Good stuff! Another idea, how to showing maps for each cities on the site, I think we have lang and lat allready in the data base. In admin must be have enable, disable option for this. Good script!

Hi zokoni, There are many techniques to hide from ad blocker. I do not think this is the purpose of this script. About maps – you can take the name of the city and country and with JavasScript to display the map, will have it in mind for the next update. I could not understand what option you want to turn enable / disable ?


I don’t speaking from ad blocker, no probs at all. Enable / disable function? For showing maps or not on the site, simple setup option. Thanks.

Hi zokoni, Okay, I will do my best to add this in new update.

It’s a bit confusing.. because you say its responsive, but it’s not really.. When I’m entering from my smart phone I see the full site and no mobile version.

The moment its responsive I’m buying it!

Hi ranbracha, please read the description better, it says that the slider is responsive.

Yes, but people see “Responsive” in big and give the impression is all Responsive.. Anyway, it is a great work you did and its a beautiful design! I want to buy it, but I will wait for the version that will be full responsive! Thanks bro

nice script diank123, yes at the moment it’s not fully responsive just like ranbracha said. Looking forward to implement the fully responsive.

Hello, I need to check it live please before ordering as link for preview is not found!

Hi daily trip, my provider have some problems today. Sorry about that. I hope soon everything will be fine.

Hi, the demo doesn’t work.


jeveli Purchased

hello! how can i put the adsense code in the config file? the generated file adsense is giving me is not working there

Hi jeveli, please write me at dian.koychev@gmail.com. Thanks!

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maex78 Purchased

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Hi maex78, Thankс. We will add the chosen place especially for you. If you want more city (place) please contact us at dian.koychev@gmail.com. Best regards, Dian.


maex78 Purchased

You recieve my mails ?

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oonyxx Purchased

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Hi! I will buy, but I have question. I search WROCŁAW, but You have only WROCLAW, no polish Ł Ą Ę … Can you help me?

ip auto detection is not working, perhaps I am in PHP 7.1?