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Hello, I am interested in your megamenu,

1) you can see a demo?

2) you can have background images?

3) you can use the styles of the theme?

Thank you


Thank you for your interest to this plugin,

This plugin is not a mega menu plugin, but it create widget that can be used in mega menu plugins like UberMenu or other mega menus manager,

The widget allow you to have backgrounds and custom styles if you have WPBakery Visual Composer installed.


Hi! This plugin looks fantastic! Do you know if it’s compatible with the Muffin Builder as well? I’ve just purchased the following items:


Ultimate Widgets

I also own a license to the latest Visual Composer Plugin (though it’s already included/prepackaged in the Be Theme)

What I’m looking for is a solution that will allow me to add many different elements into many different sidebars on various pages of a new site I’m building. (Some pages need just a left sidebar, others need just a right sidebar and others need both a right and left sidebar)... it’s a mess lol…. The main elements I need are:

  • Testimonials Widget
  • Image Widget with option to include or not include text and/or CTA
  • Simple Button (option to include text or just have a simple button)
  • Business Contact (would LOVE an all in one widget including name/address and clickable email/phone/fax/social media icons)
  • Custom Menus

The problem I’m running into is that while I can get most of these things accomplished via widgets like html text, built in WP, and Jetpack widgets, what I’m struggling with is keeping the sidebars consistent with the rest of the site (design wise)...

That’s why I went for the “Ultimate Widgets” plugin mentioned above – but unfortunately it doesn’t include one or more of the elements I need. I think the “Muffin Builder” which is built into the Be Theme may just have every element I need.. and if not, the combination of Muffin Builder and VC ought to be great…

I guess really all I need to know is if this plugin is compatible with Muffin Builder. I’ve spent sooo much time scouring the web for the right solution, though and just haven’t found it yet – sorry to overload you with information, but I just would really love some help if you have any suggestions! I’m happy to purchase your plugin if you think it would solve my problems listed – I’ve just spent so much on addons and plugins that I’m hesitant to do so further until I’m sure I’ve found the correct solution.

Regardless, I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks in advance! :)


Please contact me via so we can discuss the solution for your project.

I will contact you – but I just tested your “Visual Sidebar Editor” plugin and it may just be exactly what I need – the only thing it lacks is a testimonials widgets… I can make do with icons, text widgets, etc. that are all included in the VC package – but couldn’t see a way to make a good testimonials widget.. Anyway, thanks – I’ll email you. Can’t say enough how much I appreciate your help!

Hi, There’s visual Composer Extensions that offer testimonials widgets and many more usefull widgets, just search on

Hi there, thank you for the great plugin, it works very fine with my Newspaper Template and Visual Composer, is it possible to work with the Composer integrated by the Enfold Template? Thats would be superior.

Thank you for your Support and best regrads

This plugin work with Visual Composer, Fusion Builder and some other free builders I could test them with. However, I never worked with enfold but that wont be difficult to integrate, I will do my research and integrate that builder too.

Thanks for the effort , it would be very happy

Hello, I don’t understand what you mean! Thanks

Sorry, i mean i would be happy and thank you for your time

You are welcome :)

The plugin works perfectly. Top job.

thank you :)

PPQ: Im not good with code. And I wanted to make a stunning footer with icons, indents etc. and not just like plain text. As e.g. phone icon for phone, mail icon for mail and marker point for address. Do you know what I mean? Does your plug-in also provide that or am I wrong here?

Yes, with this plugin, you can design the footer widgets by using the VC elements like icons, text, images and custom background etc

Hi, may I know this plugin can support visual composer massive addon?

Hi, The plugin is compatible with Massive Addons for Visual Composer. Thanks

Avada has just release it’s major update 5.0 and I have noticed that this plugin does not seem to load the new Fusion Builder correctly within the All In One Widgets sections. The Fusion Builder appears but there is just a spinning loader in the builder and never actually loads the Fusion Builder elements.

Not sure if anyone has had similar issues or not since the new Avada release.

I didn’t yet tested with the new Avada, but will do soon


exouk Purchased

This is an awesome plugin, thanks for your hard work – it really does help manage widgets so much easier. One question though, you don’t list what the updates are on CodeCanyon since 2015 and yet you often update this, is there a changelog anywhere we can see?

Hi, The update I released yesterday was about cleaning and redesigning of the plugin interface. Thanks

Hi i Cant aktive the Plungin i Recive Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘columns_head’ (T_STRING), expecting ‘(’ in /var/.../wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-widget/inc/post.php on line 244

Hi, Sorry to hear you have problem, an update that fix this error is awaiting approval, just give me your email if you want it now. Thanks


gerdei Purchased


I have a problem! When I want to create a new widget, I don’t see visual composer.. why?

Have you enabled the widget post type from Visual Composer role manager?

Any chance for this plugin to work with the Enfold theme in the near future?

Hi, I am not aware of any issue withe Enfold theme, if you have any issues, you can let me know. Thanks

I think you mean the support of the builtin drag & drop page builder? Currently it support Visual Composer, Beaver Builder and Fusion Builder 4. I will look at the Enfold builder very soon to see if it’s possible to support it too

Yea sorry i should the page builder. Your plugin would be a great addition to that theme if you can make it work.


talegal Purchased

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘columns_head’ (T_STRING), expecting ‘(’ in xxx\wp-content\plugins\all-in-one-widget\inc\post.php on line 244
Visual Composer 5.0
Wordpress 4.6.1
All In One Widget 1.1.0

This error occurs only on some hosting with old PHP versions

Please send a support ticket to so I can send you a version with this bug fixed.

Hello, Is an update in view. The plugin does not work with the new fusion builder of avada.

Hi, Fusion Builder wont be supported anymore, because ThemeFusion have forced me to remove their name and logo from the description and graphics.

They said “This is a feature we already offer through our own theme.”


nafziger and ERROPiX, I can confirm that this plugin does work with the new Fusion Builder from ThemeFusion. I have it running on a live site at the moment. I can also confirm that ThemeFusion’s Avada does not have this feature already offered, atleast not that I have seen.

I hope that you will continue to support Avada in the future as this plugin is a great addition to that theme or any theme using the supported page builders. It really is one thing that is missing from WordPress in general. It is also the one thing that is missing from Enfold theme. Not sure if you have ever checked on supporting that page builder or not.

Hi, Thank you for reporting that the plugin work for you. I wont remove Avada support from my plugin, but a gay ThemeFusion from asked Envato to remove the graphics bcause it contains their trademarked names and I can’t mention their builder name anymore in my change log or the graphics


yauser Purchased

@talegal, I got the same error message after installing the latest version 1.1.0 of the plugin: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘columns_head’ (T_STRING), expecting ‘(’ in /xxx/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-widget/inc/post.php on line 244. But it is a fresh WP installation using the latest version of PHP 7.1.0. Plugin cannot be activated. Any idea?

Do you have short_open_tag set to off in php.ini?


yauser Purchased

yes, it is set to ‘off’


yauser Purchased

I set to short_open_tag to ‘on’ and the plugin is working. Can be activated. Thanks for the fast support.

Great plugin….is it compatible with multisite?

Yes, All in One Widget is fully compatible with multisite installations

I think you ought to look into why my installation (Version 1.0.3) is asking for an update to another product with the same name ( I clicked to update and it broke my site, only to find it had replaced your amazing plugin.

I don’t understand why you still using that old version, is there any issue with the latest version 1.1.1 ?

I just hadn’t checked or got around to upgrading, and when I did it failed. It’s not a problem for me but I’m concerned for your other customers as this is an awesome plugin of course. I should have known better not to allow an automated update.

All the best.

That you for reporting this, sure I had someone else reporting it, and I have contacted the author of that other plugin he also have not much to do. but increasing my plugin version seems to be the best solution for future updates :)

Something very strange happened after I update this plug – all my widget GONE!!!

I wrote the author a support email

Hi, Please read the previous comments. You have upgraded to a wrong plugin from that have the same name. Please download the plugin from codecanyon and install it. Don’t forget to delete the old one Thanks

OK, I download the plug again from here and it is working fine now. thank you