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any demo ? web + apk

Hi, you can see full product presentation with all information in this video:

Congratulations!!! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you :)

congrats, with you get good sales :)

Thank you :)

why my licence is invalid

Contact with our support by mail from PDF and we will check what created problem.

it’s the 2 times you give me wrong licence…Why?

There was problem with authentication that’s why you experienced this issue. Now everything is ok and all other information has been sent on your email.

Hello there. Seems nice. Can I see the documentation first? It is very important to me.

Yes, contact with our support by mail (it’s on main photo in thank you section or at the end of the video) or by private message. If you have any specific questions or doubts, please specify it and we will answer on it. We also offer help on any stage of installation and use by: mail, skype or chat.

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Nice App, please how do I view the Demo Sir

Hi, you can see full product presentation ( each page of App, Website & Mobile Website ) with all information in this video:

admin panel has error related to function.php is incorrectly encoded and gives error.

For all support questions always contact with us by mail from PDF guide. Full answer with solution has been sent to your email.

Are you using any php framework? what kind of js framework are you using to UI?

Hi, php is without any framework and in js we use jQuery. UI for App, Website, Admin don’t use any framework – is our solution fully scalable on any screen sizes or proportion. Website and mobile website support all popular web browsers.

One of the images shows two languages. Do this package support multilange content?

Always feel free to contact with our support by mai if you need any help or have any questions, meanwhile have a nice day :)

I send mail to support about activation of the web. Did you received it?

Yes and a reply was sent to your email.

Does it support multi languages? How easy is it? And I want to do customization, add some modules? Can you support? Please share your Sky?

even supports multi languages for mobile apps?

Just sent an email.

Yes it support multi language in: website, mobile website, and in apps – this is shown in the video presentation. A full answer on your all questions has also been sent to your email