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This look very intriguing – but the demo page opens a demo for the simple SOUND player demo. Is Envato’s way of saying moving pictures are overrated? ;-)

Thank you, just wait update it, is my fault, upload wrong files for preview, sorry will be updated soon!

Does it work with extensions mp4, mov, 3gp and avi? If it is yes, must I add the type of the video (video/mp4 for example)?

It support all html5 video types and you can set the sound and type like [“mp4”,”yoursound.mp4”] you can set in xml same thing too(if you use list player)!!!

Hi, Wondering if I can play a video with a green screen (chroma key) ?

No it’s not use canvas!!!

I can use the video player to Broadcast Live using wowza ?

Only if is any format of ogg, mp4, or webm nothing else!!!

I think you should make this item responsive. Good luck for sales.

So, I purchase the script, down load it, open the “sample.html” file in my browser, and I see NOTHING. What the hell is up with that?

from css add: #shareTwitter{ display:none; } #shareFacebook{ display:none; } #shareGoogle{ display:none; } or remove from js file inside the js folder open svplayer.js file and on lines 129-131 .append('<div id="shareTwitter" />') .append('<div id="shareFacebook" />') .append('<div id="shareGoogle" />'); remove them!

Works fine now. Thank you very much.

thanks for purchased :)

Will be updated soon in new version!!!

Hi, http, hls – m3u8, rtmp and other live streams are supported?

Only mp4 ogg on webm!

Question? How/Can I attach a Vimeo video?

Hello thanks for purchase my applications not support vimeo videos sorry! only if you can convert into mp3!

Can we play single video? not using XML? is there any refrence for js ccommands?

Hello thanks for purchase! Sure you can create single player, remove the xml path and add: title: 'my video name', poster:'my_poster.jpg', videos: [[video1.mp4],[video2.ogg]] or videos[[video1.mp4]]


sorry for one video is: videos: ['video.mp4'] or videos:['video1.mp4','video1.ogg']

Thx for your promt reply :)

I wish to play you tube video on my website, which file I have to modify and which lines ? How do I link to You Tube URL ? Please advise

“Rate the item” is un-clickable. Please advise how to rate the product.

Kindly clarify, what are those DIVs files and where do they reside (which sub-folder.) Thanks !

i mean my friend inside the html where you add the videos create: <div class="video1"> </div> <div class="video2"> </div> <div class="video3"> </div> etc..... and then on script $(".video1").svplayer(); $(".video2").svplayer(); $(".video3").svplayer(); etc...

Can the designer start the video at a predetermined point midway through the video?

Hello! No its always start from 0

but you can fix start from a point!

I just purchased your All In One Video Player Youtube and it does not work. I am using your sample.html and a YouTube video in the XML file, see here http://www.njbariatricinstitute.net/PreOpVideos/sample.html

Nothing. I need help.

Thanks, Karen

ok i see your xml file please set instead <videoItem>https://youtu.be/Mut4aP1QbGk</videoItem> this in your xml add this <videoItem>Mut4aP1QbGk</videoItem> Only needed the id of the player!

Ok that worked some what. The video still is not playing. Not sure why? What am I missing?


check if video play in youtube and if also can play as embeded!

Hello, your video player support (.mkv) files? Thanks

Hello only support html5 videos mp4, ogg, webM